Mandy Moore Cried After Watching ‘This Is Us’ Episodes Covering Jack’s Death

February 8, 2018 | By TheSpreadit More

Mandy Moore This Is Us Cast

Fans of the TV series, This Is Us, had to set themselves for a major turning point in the storyline as they watched the special Super Bowl episode that aired on Sunday.

Actress Mandy Moore, 33, who plays the role of Rebecca Pearson on This Is Us, updated her Instagram profile with a selfie on Thursday, after reviewing the episode with her colleagues.

Her face looked quite swelled up, especially the area under her eyes. Moore’s condition forced her to wear sheet masks under her eyes to restore her skin back to normal.

Fans, who saw Moore’s post, correctly predicted the episode, was definitely not going to be a happy one.

The first rumors regarding the fact that Jack Pearson’s death was imminent on the show emerged when Moore and some other actors were spotted wearing only black clothes while filming on set.

The selfie posted by the actress was just the next clue for many speculators that their theory was really proving to be true.

The TV series executive producer, Issac Aptaker, gave an official statement hinting that fan’s questions would not be turned down and satisfying answers would be provided for everyone.

Aptaker also said that this was one of the most emotional episodes they had ever done, but there is a happy ending to it.

He also explained that although the storyline is very intense, there are still plenty of positive and beautiful sides to it. The producer concluded that it was also important to see the lighter side of things.

The answers were there, but they were still difficult for some fans to handle. However, Milo Ventimiglia‘s supporters will be happy to learn that his future on the show is assured in the foreseeable future.

The Super Bowl Sunday episode was watched by over 27 million viewers. The NBC drama series was not able to keep most of this audience for the Tuesday episode.


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