Man Stole $2700 Meat: Cops Arrest Meat Thief In Oregon

August 21, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Man Stole $2700 Meat

Man stole $2700 in meat, and got arrested for the original crime. A man from Portland, Oregon who stole almost $2700 worth of meat in several supermarkets has been apprehended. The man whose name is Barry Trenell Sanders stole meat from several Safeway grocery stores over a dozen times between July and August of this year.

On August 12th, a man by the name of Barry Trenell Sanders or Barry T Sanders who stole nearly $2700 worth of meat from Safeway Inc. was arrested.

It took Safeway Loss Prevention personnel several weeks to gather enough evidence to bring the meat thief down.

The investigation began on July 22, 2014 and ended on August 8 after several Safeway grocery stores located in the Portland, Oregon area noticed that packages of meat were vanishing from their fresh and custom-cut meat aisles.

A total of 13 meat thefts were reported over the summer totaling $2,690.09.

There is a big possibility that Sanders made Safeway his target because the company’s name was mentioned several times in the news during the month of July after it was acquired by Albertsons for $9.2 billion.

Loss Prevention caught the 53-year-old on video on 13 occasions, stealing a variety of meat including beef, pork and chicken from the supermarket chain.

The criminal would snatch the products, conceal them in a shopping cart and rapidly leave without paying.

The meat lover stole from Safeway supermarkets located in Northeast Broadway, North Ivanhoe and Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Members of the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office arrested Mr Sanders who was charged on two counts of first-degree theft.

The barbecue enthusiast was also thrown into the county jail for violating his probation.

Officers do not know if the individual stole the meat for personal consumption or if he was selling it to friends and family.

He appeared at the Multnomah County Circuit Court on Tuesday sans attorney and declined to accept a plea deal.

The man who stole nearly $2700 worth of meat will face the judge on August 27, this time with a lawyer representing him.


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  1. Guy Conrow says:

    Little wonder at today’s prices. If he holds on to it for a week the value will double.

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