Man Shoots Teen For Laughing: Indiana Teen Killed For Laughing At Neighbor

October 27, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Man shoots teen for laughing at him, Indiana residents are shocked by the horrible death.

Man Shoots Teen For Laughing Indiana

An Indiana man shoots a teen nine times for laughing at his misadventures and flees the crime scene, a community is now mourning the loss of a young life.

On Friday, an unnamed Gary, Indiana man returned home with his girlfriend to find out that he was burglarized. The individual went to several homes on the 1000 block of Polk Street, asking neighbors if they heard, or saw anything the afternoon the thieves got away with his possessions.

It is claimed that the burglary took place around 12:30. The individual knocked on the Jones’ home where Kobe Jones answered the door.

The man asked the 13-year-old if he had any information about the burglary, and instead of answering, he allegedly laughed at the neighbor’s misfortune.

According to Gary police Lt. Thomas Pawlak, the Indiana man was angered by not getting any information about the thieves, so he stepped on the front porch and started yelling.

The more the man screamed, the more the teenager laughed at his ordeal. Frustrated by Jones’ reaction, the man returned to the home and shot the teen, nine times. Pawlak said the young boy died on the scene. Pawlak revealed:

“The neighbor was yelling in anger about who was burglarizing his house, and the 13-year-old (Kobe) was laughing at him, and he got mad and there was some kind of confrontation.At that point, we don’t know what happened.”

The teen’s mother, Dallarshea Taylor, said she watched her son being shot numerous times, stumbling in the living room and dying.

The man behind the shooting of the teenager and his girlfriend fled the scene, but they were caught about two hours later. According to neighbors, the man and his girlfriend had recently moved to the area from Chicago, and had threatened to “spray the area with bullets.” If witnesses do not come forward, the alleged gunman may go free.

The teen who was killed, attended West Side Leadership Academy in Gary, and loved to play basketball. He was the third-oldest of 12 children and was the comedian of the family.

The story of Indiana man shoots teen for laughing at his bad luck, has sparked a debate on the value of life and the problem with gun violence in America.


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  1. AK says:

    This is just sick!!!! Another bright, young kid with potential loses his life. What a loss for everyone that he could have touched!!! I’ll be praying for this boy’s family. God bless.

    • Funny says:

      It almost seems like this post is biting sarcasm. I still can’t tell if you’re serious or sarcastic, but sadly I believe you’re serious. This kid was a punk, laughing at someone who got robbed. Trash was removed, and the guy who shot him will get locked up so more trash will be thrown away. Everyone wins!

      • voice of reason says:

        Everyone hasn’t won yet because morons like you are still running around loose. Are you serious? Just because he was black he has to be a punk. You need to get a life and hopefully someone will steal your computer so you cannot post trash any more!

      • Letitia says:

        You are an idiot. How could you say that? What if that had been your child? He was 13, they laugh at everything. You probably laugh when people get hurt or fall? Should you be shot for it? I pray for you and your way of thinking. I’m so grateful that iat wasn’t my grandson.

      • RaZeR says:

        You’re one serious piece of sh8t….Its too bad it will take a tragedy in your own home to make you care, ohhhh, how you will bitch and moan then.

  2. Rich says:

    No one is saying the color of the shooter. god I hope he isn’t white. Rev. Al will be on his tail.

  3. willie mcgee says:

    Being shot 9 times is a bit drastic, once or twice would have been sufficient for the disrespectful little turd

    • Letitia says:

      How is that being disrespectful? He’s a teenager. They laugh at everything. No one should be shot for laughing. An adult shoul dhave more self control than that. He might shoot you next!

  4. Mothers question says:

    Why hasn’t it sparked the question as to where is the teen’s respect? Laughing at the guy when all his possessions were stolen. The man was obviously in distress and the child laughed at him. Where was his mother then (if she saw him die) to tell him to be respectful and cooperate and show compassion?

    • Crissi says:

      The teen was in his own home, laughing at a situation he found funny. He wasn’t out being disrespectful. Maybe the neighbor who was burglarized was a jerk who left valuable out visible and everyone was just waiting to see him get robbed. Maybe he was making a ridiculous scene and the kid found it sorta funny. Kids do that, you know. Also, his mother may not have been there at all during the incident. The shooter came back later with a gun and shot the child, so perhaps the mother was there then but hadn’t been earlier. Anyone who defends someone who brutally murders a neighbor’s child in their own home should reexamine why they aren’t blaming the shooter, who was an adult and capable of understanding the consequences of his actions.

      • Funny says:

        The difference between the kid and the man who freaked out is that the man acted in the heat of the moment. Not only was he under great stress after his home was burglarized and his possessions stolen, he got laughed at by some punk kid, laughed right in his face. That added an extreme amount of anger I can’t even imagine. I would probably beat that kid senseless at the very least. The kid just laughed out of the ugliness of his character. He was never raised to be compassionate or empathetic or caring, he was a punk and it was evident in his behavior and response to a man in distress.

        So yeah, this punk kid was at least just as bad as the man who shot him dead.

        • voice of reason says:

          So now the response to someone laughing at you is the DEATH PENALTY? Wow you really need to see somebody!

        • Letitia says:

          You don’t know why he laughed.; The point is ;he was a kid. Why should it have bothered him that some kid that he proalby didn’t even know laughed? That’s ridiculous. Teenagers laugh all the time when things aren’t funny. Does that mean take his life. there is no justification for this. He was wrong. He went home and got a gun and went back and shot him. that’s premeditated murder. It amazes me how we try to justify the most awful and ridiculous behavior because its not our child.

        • lessie says:

          I cannot believe the disrespect that you have. if he laughed that was wrong, but to get shot 9 times, come on, that was wrong, the gunman deserves life without parole. I sure hope you don’t have any kids because you would be a lousy parent. I hope God has mercy on your soul, have you ever heard going to hell in a handbasket well you got a front row seat. I don’t discriminate against any color wrong is wrong. I hope if you do have kids they donot encounter any thing like this in their lives. where is the compassion for human life.

  5. soulwoman says:

    why would they name the minor but not the adult shooter??

  6. tx1 says:

    I see some questions about the little boy showing respect. Ok, the little boy laughed. The man was at his house, apparently already heated at the situation, maybe he just looked funny to the kid. The man had time to think about it, because he went home retrieved the gun and went back and shot the boy inside his house.

  7. JW says:

    No comment concerning what the kid’s father had to say. So, let’s see, 12 kids, and I’ll make a bet that each one has a different father. Next, what do you expect from someone from Chicago? To them, it’s just an everyday event. When will black people start complaining about black people killing other black people? When will black men stay home and take responsibility for the children that they produce? And when will black women stop having kids with every man that they meet? Time for black people to fix their own problems.

    • Crissi says:

      I’m sorry, where in this article did it reveal the race of the shooter? Or that there was no father, or that the children were from multiple fathers. Apparently big families have to have some sort of insidious backstory? And you seem awfully concerned with black people not complaining about black on black violence, when you don’t even know that the shooter in this story wasn’t a black man. One thing is for sure though, he was a man, an adult, and the victim was a child. The adult understood the consequences of his actions, had time to not be impulsively violent, and still went home to retrieve a gun and returned to murder a child.

      • buzz says:

        To the uneducated commentator. Due to the liberal media refusing to report the race of the perp anymore unless they are black all perps in any crime due to the massive amounts of crimes they commit are black! Got it? Have you not noticed it over the past say 5 years? Man I hate ignorant people like you who can be so stupid and try to pull the race card

    • Letitia says:

      How dare you! You don’t know anything abou this young man’s family or where he came from. Its people like you that lack sensitivity, common sense or sound judgemnt that make this country so horrible. You’re as bad as the shooter!

      • Funny says:

        The actions of an individual are very telling of their character. More telling than looking at their familial background or any other sign of where a person might be morally. Plenty of kids that even come from privileged backgrounds and families that seem healthy on the outside end up being little shits. His actions prove that the kid was never raised to respect or feel empathy for others. He was a disrespectful little punk and not a single tear of sympathy will be shed from me.

    • lessie says:

      okay another racist remark, when will you learn, your comment makes absolutely no sense, not even worth reading. I have one son by one man and I am a black woman. My son has a great career and he is a awesome son to his mother. He has an incredible father, we are not together now but we have been friends for 36 years that is how old my son is and he is still an incredible father. this proves you want Gods job to judge right. please next time post something someone wants to read, they say ignorance is bliss, boy are you happy. ha ha………

    • KimL says:

      And you are one of those persons that love to make assumptions and criticize others without solid facts. When will people start thinking before they speak and get all the facts before running their mouths.

    • James says:

      You’re so right. I’m a black man and most of my friends say that I’m different from most blacks but I can say that I had both mom and dad in my life to raise me without seeing color and to be respectful of my elders. This society of blacks is very shameful

  8. Letitia says:

    Did you mean to tell me a grown man shot a child becasue he laughed at him and we have the nerve to feel that it was justified because of his misfortune? What ever happened to stick and stones? This is ridiculous. They should lock him up immediately.

    • Funny says:

      Yeah, because you’ve never been uncontrollably angry before. You’ve probably also never been the victim of a burglary, if you’ve been victimized in any way at all. If I had just been burglarized and had to deal with some punk ass little kid who thinks he can be a little shit because he thinks there aren’t any consequences, like all punk kids believe, because their parents are useless and don’t discipline them, I might’ve shot his punk ass dead too. Which is why I won’t judge this man, who knows how I would’ve responded to this situation but I know it wouldn’t have turned out well.

    • buzz says:

      Just another useless ghetto rat who has no respect for anyone. Whatever happened to a simple yes sir no sir ? Or is that asking way to much from these useless members of society? Or is it asking to much from the useless parents to teach them respect? Or is that the schools problem now? Your pathetic

      • Truth says:

        Respect me or die? An adult made a decision to kill someone because he had his home broken in while he was gone. No bodily injury, no threat of violence to him. In any situation where your are not in imminent/immediate danger to life you need to be adult enough to restrain yourself from violence. The adult was the one without respect for the life of another person. He had several other choices he could have tried. One of them to introduce himself to the mother of the child who “Disrespected” him. I’m so sick of hearing how someone shoots another person who “Disrespected” him. This is a thug mentality. Not a black or white mentality. As americans we have the right to laugh at what we feel is funny without persecution. I don’t care how old the kid was he did not do anything illegal or immoral.

  9. buzz says:

    Anyone want to bet this ghetto rat is the one who did it? When somebody asks you a serious question you do not laugh in the persons face. If the so called ghetto rats parent would have teached the loser respect a simple yes sir no sir would have been the proper response. Just one more less democrap voter to worry about and one less loser on the dime of the tax payers.

  10. Funny says:

    Punk kid thought he could be a punk and get away with it with the wrong adult. Yeah, you think you’re safe to say and do whatever you want because you’re under 18 you little punks, but this man just made a statement for everyone who has to deal with moronic, fucked-up kids with no parental presence in their lives. Hopefully these shithead kids will see this and take a hint, but I doubt it considering how clueless these kids are.

  11. Daniel says:

    I Guarantee you the shooter was a black male because the extremely biased left wing liberal nut case had to work so hard on this article to avoid mentioning the shooter was black but at the same time getting in his dig about gun control. Another biased article showed a picture of a semi automatic pistol with the headline. The liberal media makes me sick the way they selectively try to spread their BS to all and/or any who will listen. It does not matter why the reason, this child should not have lost his life. The problem I have is that the sensationalist media lowlife cares not for the child but only for the headline and liberal agenda.

    • Daniel says:

      I am also betting our POTUS does not send any Federals in to investigate this shooting. Also, seeing some of the comments about the 13 year old child that was murdered, IMHO it would seem that any rational adult person would just walk away from the youngster or at the worst case scenario verbally dress down the kid not return later with a weapon to shoot him. Again, IMHO there is probably a significant back story here that the liberal media does not want know because it would ruin their opportunity to spew hate and discontent about gun control.

  12. db cooper says:


  13. Discipline says:

    Know what the problem is its not the kids fault Its that lazy ass Mother and father that wont’ teach their kids Manners, and are to damn scared to spank them when they need it. Is this Tragic Yes the guy did take it a tad to far. okay okay Way to damn far. But Wake the hell up America stop letting the Govt tell you how to raise your kids. Stop looking for hand outs and look for a hand up. Want to know why our country is going to hell in a hand basket This is an all around good example. Really 12 flipping kids???? Before you call me racist and some of you will i’m mother of two wonderful adopted Black children. Yes it is sad i had to have “the talk” with them. But its not to much of a worry They dont’ act like little ghetto hood rats or P.O.S Thugs.

    • timmy says:

      I bet the shooter is white……just like those pigs who have been shooting black folks left and right lately

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