Man Fakes Death To Avoid Wedding: Alex Lanchester Dumps Tucker Blandford After Fake Death

August 20, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Man Fakes Death To Avoid Wedding Picture

Man fakes own death to avoid his wedding, calls the fiancée and announces his passing. An American man by the name of Tucker Blandford fakes his death, pretends to be his father, calls his British girlfriend Alex Lanchester and tells her that he committed suicide. When Lanchester phones Blandford’s parents to offer her condolences, she discovers that he is alive and never told them about the wedding.

An American man fakes his own death to avoid his wedding and many are wondering why didn’t he just end the relationship?

Tucker Blandford and Alex Lanchester met about two years ago while they were both studying at the University of Connecticut.

According to the British student, they were in love and became inseparable during their almost one-year romance.

She claimed that he took her to fancy dinners, showered her with flowers and jewelries and they even celebrated their anniversary on the 10th of every month.

But in early 2014, Lanchester’s student visa got expired and it was time to return to England.

While packing her suitcases and crying, Blandford got down on one knee and proposed and she said yes.

She returned to Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, while he stayed in Connecticut with his parents.

The two 23-year-olds spoke, texted and emailed each other almost every day and decided that the wedding would take place on August 15 in the US.

The cinema clerk said that she scrapped and saved every last penny, so she could pay the plane ticket for her fiancé to come to Europe on March 28 for a little romantic vacation.

Few hours before Blandford was supposed to board the plane, Lanchester received a shocking phone call from a man who said he was the groom’s father.

The voice on the phone revealed that his son had become very depressed over the last few weeks, and had committed suicide by stepping in front of a moving car.

The Briton was devastated and crumbled to the floor with pain.

Few hours later, she collected herself and called Blandford’s parents to offer her condolences and that is when she learned that the young man was alive and well.

The father revealed that he never made the call and they deducted that the set painter had cooked up the whole story.

The dad explained that not only did the young man faked his death to avoid the wedding, he never told his relatives that he had a girlfriend or he planned to get married soon.

Alex Lanchester dumped her scheming boyfriend and took the money she saved for the ceremony, and paid herself a nice vacation in America.


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