Man Electrocuted By Wedding Ring: Jason Ferguson Dead At 33, Wedding Ring Blamed

November 11, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Man electrocuted by wedding ring, died moments later. Jason Ferguson, 33, from Florida was electrocuted after his wedding ring touched a wire of the dishwasher he was installing for family members.

man electrocuted by wedding ring

Man electrocuted by wedding ring, has passed away after being rushed to a hospital. Last Thursday, Jason Ferguson and his wife, Deidre Obenshine, visited his brother-in-law, Albert Washington, and sister-in-law at their home in South Daytona, Florida.

As the family was preparing dinner, Jason Ferguson, 33, decided to install a new dishwasher his relatives had purchased. Ferguson made sure he turned the power in the kitchen off, prior to installing the dishwasher.

When the installation process was done, the man asked Washington to restore the power, so he could test the machine. Ferguson heard a strange noise behind the machine and decided to investigate.

The Floridian forgot to have the electricity turned off and stuck his hand behind the appliance after noticing a copper wire that was exposed. The man was electrocuted by his wedding ring, which came in contact with the copper wire.

When the family noticed that Ferguson was turning red as he knelt in front of the appliance with his left arm extended behind the dishwasher, they rushed to his side. The in-laws started CPR, while Ferguson’s wife called 911.

Lieutenant Dan Dietrich from the South Daytona City Police Department who was called to scene said:

“The [in-laws] noticed he was turning red and not responsive.They grabbed him by his clothes and laid him on his back, [then] began CPR and called 911.”

Dietrich shared that the man routinely repaired appliances in the home. He added:

“It was noticed that Mr. Ferguson was on his knees leaning against the dishwasher with his left arm extended behind the dishwasher.[Ferguson] was not moving nor had he moved in a few minutes.”

The law enforcer concluded that the man was electrocuted by his wedding ring. He explained:

“Ferguson was leaning against the metal door of the dishwasher when his wedding ring touched an “unknown element” – possibly a copper wire – in the back of the dishwasher, resulting in his electrocution.”

Ferguson was taken to Halifax Health Medical Center where he later died. According to Examiner, about 60 electrocutions are reported every year, associated with consumer products.

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  1. DIY Jack says:

    poor guy. only two things scare me in the world. trees and electricity. i’m a DIY guy, but for goodness sake, kill the power or be killed. and trees? they’re big and weigh tons. if you are stuck, you probably are killed an instant. don’t ask me to come help fell you fell a tree in your background. this is one job i’ll pay to have done.

  2. Squirrel_Of_Mistri says:

    This is so sad. I can’t imagine what that must’ve been like to experience.
    I wish they hadn’t mentioned the wedding ring; they could’ve just said he was electrocuted. Now his wife is going to be thinking about that damn ring and feeling guilty unnecessarily. He could’ve touched a bare wire with his skin and been electrocuted, so why even bring up the wedding ring to his poor widow?

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