Man Delivers Shark Pups South Africa: Man Rescues Baby Sharks, Video Goes Viral

December 4, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Man delivers shark pups in South Africa and video goes viral. An American family strolling on a beach in Cape Town, South Africa, found a dead pregnant shark, which prompted a man walking nearby to take action by cutting it open, delivering the pups and dragging them to the water.

man delivers shark pups south africa

Man delivers shark pups in South Africa, using a knife and his hands. An American family walking on a beach in Cape Town, South Africa, were shocked to find a dead shark on the sand.

The family eventually understood that the shark was pregnant after they noticed movement in the stomach region of the animal. A beachgoer, who witnessed the scene, leapt into action.

The man used a small knife to perform a makeshift C-section on the dead shark. As the man was slicing the animal, another person could be heard saying:

“Errr, there are no babies in there.”

The man, who might be a vet or a doctor, opened the mother shark and used his hands to pull out one pup from its sack. While the shark pup was wiggling on the sand, another beachgoer was quick to remind the “vet” that shark pups are born with a full set of teeth and he should be careful.

The man delivered a total of three pups and escorted them to the ocean. Beth Cordell, who posted “the man delivers shark pups in South Africa” video on YouTube, wrote in the caption:

“This video is a good example of respect to all forms of life. A dead shark was washed ashore on the beach when a lady notices something strange. The dead shark was pregnant since there was some movement in the stomach region of the dead shark. She takes help of a beach goer who volunteers to help. He cuts open the shark and delivers the 3 baby sharks inside it. The baby sharks are alive and moving, so they put it back into the water.”

The shark pups that were inside their mother for about two years are predicted to survive despite their unusual births.

Man delivers shark pups in South Africa and restores some faith in humanity.


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  1. Melinda says:

    Faith in humanity officially restored. Thank you Mr. Vet. And I’m sure the pups would thank you, too.

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