Man Bites Dog To Save His Husky

September 3, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Man Bites Dog

Man bites dog in an attempt to save his pet. A man bites and stabs a dog that tried to kill his beloved Sky. The Englishman says it was three minutes in hell as he was fighting with the vicious dog. Luke Shearer explains that as he was trying to protect his dog, people gathered around to film the incident and never called the police.

Man bites dog and story goes viral. Luke Shearer and his father Derek, were on their way to visit his grandmother’s home in West Midlands, England.

The men were accompanied by their pet dog, a beautiful black and white Husky named Sky. The man told local media that since he was going to garden for his grandma he was walking with shears in his hand.

Just minutes from his granny’s home, he spotted two young kids maybe 8 and 10 years of age walking a Staffie.

When the Staffie spotted the Husky, it freed itself from its leash and attacked Sky. The dog owner tried to kick the Staffordshire Bull Terrier in vain.

The man was forced to bite the dog again and again, as he tried to save his four legged friend. When the biting failed, the man pulled out his shears and stabbed the dog several times.

Numerous people gathered on the sidewalk, not to help, or call the authorities, but to film the horrible scene with their smartphones and to laugh.

The Englishman thought that the clip would be posted under the title “Man Bites Dog” on Youtube, but it seems that the passersby felt ashamed and never shared it.

The 26-year-old man said that the two children were traumatized by the scene and he went on to blame the parents for letting them out with such a dangerous animal.

The dog lover said that whole incident lasted about three minutes, and during that brief period he felt like he was in hell.

The dog was taken to the vet and was given medication and the pet owner received treatment for the bites and cuts on his arm.

West Midlands Police are investigating the incident.


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