Magician Rob Anderson Fundraiser: Magician Helps Homeless Vet With Web Fundraiser

October 11, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Magician Rob Anderson Fundraiser

Magician Rob Anderson fundraiser for a kind and homeless United States Army veteran named Alan McCracken has reached over $31,000. The fundraiser began in the shape of a prank where Anderson, tried to anger Alan McCracken, who has become a famous face in Las Vegas for standing near street corners with a sign not asking for money, but trying to put a smile on passersby faces.

Rob Anderson recently posted a YouTube video under the title: “Magician Rips Up Homeless Mans Sign!” In the video, Anderson, a magician and internet star who has millions of views on YouTube can be seen talking to Alan McCracken.

McCracken is a homeless vet, who served 6 years in the United States Army before being discharged. McCracken hit some hard time after leaving the army and eventually became homeless.

Alan McCracken has become part of the Las Vegas decor, for he is often seen on street corners holding a sign that reads “SMILE.” He is known for his kindness and positivity even when passersby do not give him any money.

Rob Anderson, wanted to know if McCracken’s kindness was real, so he decided to meet him and cause some trouble. The young magician asked McCracken to see his sign, he pulled out a marker and he proceeded to draw money signs on it and asked:

“You said anything will help, will the money signs help you?”

The vet replied no, and his true nature shinned as he went out his way to pick the cover of the marker belonging to the magician on the floor.

Rob Anderson, the magician who is known for “feeding the homeless prank videos” ripped the sign in pieces and continued to taunt the vet. Alan McCracken who might have heard about Rob Anderson’s pranks asked:

“Will a pile of money emerge from the sign when you put the sign back together?”

Rob Anderson answered yes and several $1 bills fell on the floor.

Anderson’s “Magician Rips Up Homeless Mans Sign!” video went viral and has more than 4 million views on YouTube and hundreds of comments.

Many people asked Anderson to start a fundraiser for the vet and he did and you can donate here.

Thus far, Rob Anderson’s fundraiser has raised $31,520 but he is hoping to collect a total of $35,000 in order to get the vet a home, food and clothes, so he can go to job interviews.

Magician Rob Anderson plans to post a video of him announcing the fundraiser to the vet very soon.


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