Madonna Badger Remarries After Losing Family In Fire

July 26, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Madonna Badger Remarries

Madonna Badger remarries after the loss of her family. Madonna Badger, the woman whose three daughters and parents died in a fire in 2011 remarries her longtime friend Bill Duke. Madonna Badger’s entire family perished in a horrible blaze on Christmas day in Connecticut.

Madonna Badger remarries after the death of her three daughters Lily, 9, and twins Sarah and Grace, 7, and her parents, Pauline and Lomer Johnson.

The three girls died on Christmas day 2011 in Connecticut after Madonna Badger’s home caught on fire.

It is believed that fire was accidentally started by Badger’s former boyfriend, Michael Borcina who was handling the remodeling of the mansion.

But Madonna Badger who is a former ad executive had always claimed that she spotted sparks coming from an electric wire and thought that is what burned the home down with everyone inside.

Badger had left the east coast for couple of years and moved in with friends in Arizona as she tried to deal with the situation.

When she was ready to settle down in New York she contacted with real estate broker William Duke who became a good friend after she dated his brother in the past.

While house hunting, the duo fell in love and William Duke proposed in December of 2013.

William Duke and Madonna Badger wed at the St. John-St. Matthew-Emanuel Lutheran Church in Brooklyn earlier this week.

The 50-year-old wore a classy short white dress which she covered with a black blazer and off white scarf, as for the groom he looked sophisticated in a cream suit and green tie.

The new couple was flooded with well wishes from people all over the world who knew about the tragedy they faced (he was always there supporting as a friend).

The brave lady recently revealed that she became suicidal after the sad incident, but took the decision to find light wherever she can in order not to give into darkness.

Along with her ex-husband Matthew Badger they have a founded a charity in the girls’ names and they help people all over the planet.


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