Lt. David Kaiser Catches Daniel Louis Symons Mid-Abduction: Craigslist Date Goes Wrong For 22-Year-Old Woman

May 16, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Lt. David Kaiser claimed that while stopping a 41-year-old man for drunk driving, they heard a woman, who was tied up with a bag over her head, screaming for help. According to Kaiser, the woman met the man on Craigslist, and he kidnapped her.

Lt. David Kaiser

Lt. David Kaiser arrested a man, who kidnapped a woman; he met on Craigslist. On Wednesday, at 2:30 a.m., Lt. David Kaiser along with another member of the Michigan State Police pulled a man over in Shiawassee County because he appeared to be driving while intoxicated.

As Kaiser was questioning Daniel Louis Symons, a 41-year-old man from Chesaning, they heard the voice of a woman coming from the back seat begging for help.

According to Lieutenant David Kaiser, the 22-year-old woman from Okemos, whose name has not been revealed, had a bag over her head, tape over her mouth and her hands were zip-tied behind her back.

She was also kicking the man and the window, which caused him to drive erratically on the road. The woman told the police that she met him online.

The kidnapper had posted an ad on Craigslist that stated that like 50 Shades Of Grey, he was looking for a submissive partner.

The victim explained that when she realized that the man looked nothing like his profile picture, she tried to run away, but he assaulted her and tied her up.

“The young lady answered the ad on Craigslist. She chatted with the person online and agreed to meet him,” Kaiser told a local TV network. “However, the mistake she made was she met him in a remote, secluded area near his home. She got into his vehicle and once they were moving, she realized this guy looked nothing like the picture that he had sent her. Also, the conversation wasn’t anything like it was online.”

The woman, who was not seriously injured, was taken to a nearby hospital, and the man was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and assault by strangulation.

Lt. David Kaiser concluded by saying that the woman is lucky to be alive. Kaiser said this story should be a cautionary tale for women, who are dating online.

“What we learned after this, is the lady is actually very fortunate she wasn’t further assaulted or killed,” Kaiser said. “The man used a fictitious photo, he used a fictitious name and he had a throw-away email account which would make it very difficult for an investigator, had something happened to her, to locate this person.”

“If a person doesn’t want to meet you in a public place, that should be your first red flag that nothing good is going to come of this,” Kaiser warned.

Daniel Louis Symons is still in jail on $500,000 cash bond. Moreover, on June 2, he will appear in front of 66 District Court Judge Terrance P. Dignan, who will determine if there is enough evidence for him to stand trial.

What are your thoughts on this Craigslist date gone wrong? What should women do to be safe in online dating?


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  1. Quinton R says:

    This dude looks like Christian Grey and this silly girl signed a contract for him to have his way with her like Anastasia.
    Some women are mental, how could she have agreed to meet a stranger in a dark corner, there has been some many graiglist killers stories out there.

  2. Kaitlin Bush says:

    It is hard to find love these days, which would explain why this young woman was desperate and crazy enough to meet a freak in the dark.
    Good for her, she fought otherwise this could have ended really bad.

  3. Imogene says:

    Lt. David Kaiser is a police officer that Obama should give a medal to for doing an outstanding job. You see no all cops are bad. and not all black men are looters.

  4. Horry says:

    Daniel Louis Symons, is a loser to think he is Grey
    Lt. David Kaiser is a hero.
    And the girl is just stupid to the point of no return.

  5. Pat says:

    Hope Daniel Louis Symons is locked up for years and years to come.
    While in jail, he can ask another inmate if he is interested in being submissive.

  6. Bartholomew says:

    Internet dating is becoming very popular, but since 1995, there’s been over 400 instances where a homicide has been related to the person that the victim met online. So she could have met him on Match and things could have ended in tragedy.

  7. SKYSUN says:

    Never met anyone in a remote location, because that will be your very last stop for sure.

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