Louis Tomlinson Drug Scandal: 1D Band Member Caught In New Scandal, Is It The End? (Photo)

April 24, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A Louis Tomlinson scandal is brewing, and fans of One Direction fear that the band might split. Earlier this week, a brief video surfaced on the internet showing Louis Tomlinson rolling a cannabis joint, allegedly. This is not the first embarrassing drug-related scandal for Tomlinson, in 2014, he and his former 1D bandmate, Zayn Malik, were filmed smoking marijuana in Peru.

louis tomlinson scandal

A new Louis Tomlinson drug scandal is making headlines on the Internet. On Wednesday, a very strange picture of One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson surfaced on the web.

The photo, which is actually a screenshot from a Snapchat video, shows the young star dressed in a white shirt with the word “Brooklyn” on it, jeans and rolling what appears to be a joint.

It is not known if Tomlinson was aware that he was being filmed. The picture was taken the same day, the 1D band member was seen partying in several clubs in London including the Cirque Le Soir.

After binge clubbing for over 48 hours, Mr. Tomlinson was seen with half a dozen groupies heading to his room at the Soho Hotel. The girls left the rock star at around 4 AM.

In the Snapchat clip, the 23-year-old singer can be seen playing air guitar and fooling around on a sofa with a random girl. He also mocks Harry Styles for having “only one direction.”

Louis Tomlinson, who split from his long-term girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, weeks ago seems to be out to have fun. This week is not the first time, the terms Louis Tomlinson, scandal and drugs are associated in the same sentence.

Last year, Tomlinson and former 1D star Zayn Malik were filmed smoking a joint while on tour in Peru. At the time, their bandmate Liam Payne apologized for the video. Payne said:

“I love my boys and maybe things have gone a little sideways I apologise for that. We are only in our 20s and we all do stupid things at this age.”

This latest Louis Tomlinson scandal has fans worried that the band is falling apart. Supporters should expect another shake up, Lance Bass has revealed that Harry Styles wanted to leave One Direction for “many months” and is angry that Zayn Malik beat him to it. He said:

“Harry Styles has been ready to go solo for many months; he was about to leave. The Zayn thing was spur of the moment but I think (it was) the best move he could have ever done because Harry Styles was a household name; my grandmother knows who Harry Styles is. But Zayn Malik, (people) didn’t really know his name until he was the first to leave the group. Kudos to him for being smart to leave.”

The star went on to say that he doubts Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson will make another album together. He shared:

“I think the guys are always going to be friends. They’re brothers. They were put in a situation that they didn’t know they were going to be in.They were put together on a television show so (the fact) that they lasted this long as a group is a surprise to me. But hopefully, the other four can go on and maybe do a little more music. But I see Harry leaving soon and I don’t see another One Direction album happening after he leaves.”

What do you think of the new Louis Tomlinson scandal? Should Harry Styles leave 1D?


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