Lolo Jones Takes Drug Test During Her Birthday Party

Garrett Montgomery | August 7, 2013 | 0 Comments More

Lolo Jones

In a series of tweets Lolo Jones explained in detail how she was followed by drug testers on her birthday.

The popular athlete explained that on August 5th as she was getting ready to celebrate her 31st official Olympic drug testers showed up at her door asking her to pee in a cup.

The green-eyed beauty said the story began like this:

“I was chosen to be drug tested right before I left for my bday party, so the drug testers were obligated to shadow me until i peed in a cup.”

She went on to explain that she took them to her birthday bash which lasted over 4 hours:

“They asked me to pee at 8. I dragged em to my dinner and went at 11:45pm… They said they didn’t know it was my birthday and I had plans.”

The track and field and bobsled athlete laughed about the fact that she now has some street credibility because she had drug tester at her birthday event:

“Drug testers at my bday party? Street cred goes up. I need a rap song about this…”

She also called out the drug testers for not bringing her a birthday gift:

“Good night drug testers! and the next time u drug test me at my bday dinner party. bring a present!!!!!! A wrapped bottle of water will do.”

Miss Jones also confessed that she took the opportunity to pull a prank on the testers:

“I changed my moms phone name to Ryan Braun and had her call my cell repeatedly while they were testing me. Mwhauauhaha.”

And she concluded by saying:

“Just letting u guys In my world. What it truly means to be an Olympic athlete and the accountability that holds.”

This is one birthday party she will not soon forget.

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