Lindsay Lohan Wants Out Of Betty Ford

May 11, 2013 | By Garrett Montgomery | 2 Replies More

Lindsay Lohan Wants Out Betty Ford

Lindsay Lohan has made it clear to all of her friends – she wants out of The Betty Ford Center because the evil doctors at the facility have refused to given her drugs.

The trouble star who entered the rehabilitation center in order to battle her drug and alcohol addiction has threatened to leave due to the fact that the medical experts have denied her precious Adderall for her supposed ADHD aka attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

The doctors from The Betty Ford Center explained that they prefer to use a non addictive drug to treat Lohan and added that they never give the medication to patients who are over 15 years of age (rumors claimed that Lohan and other celebrities take Adderall not for their mental health but because it helps them stay skinny).

A pal of the starlet told the media that she has gained some weight during her 90-day stint and wants to be transferred to a new facility and added:

“Lindsay is absolutely freaking out about the prospect of gaining weight now that Adderall has been taken away. Lindsay has been able to eat whatever she has wanted and not gain weight for years and she attributes this to Adderall.”

However if the 26-year-old entertainer leaves Betty Ford – she will return straight to jail according to Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James Dabney who court-ordered the three month stay.

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    1. Barry says:

      If the weak California legal system had done their job years ago we wouldn’t have to hear about this scial failure every other day. Isn’t it time thay treated her like the nit wit she is and lock her up for what she’s done. This is deffinatly a girl who needs tough love.

    2. H.R. says:

      Um, yeah, detox includes taking away drugs that you don’t need. Yeah.

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