Lisa Flynt Vigil: Larry Flynt Daughter Dies At 47

October 25, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Lisa Flynt has died, as a group of people held a vigil for her near the hospital, she was taken to after a car crash. One week after a car accident that left Flynt, the daughter of Hustler publisher, Larry Flynt, in critical condition, her family has taken the decision to remove her from life support. Mrs Flynt was drunk and did not have a valid driver’s license during the time of the accident.

Lisa Flynt Vigil

The several dozens of supporters of Lisa Flynt, who gathered near the Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio to take part in a vigil have learned that she has passed away.

Mrs Lisa Flynt died at 1:58 p.m. on Friday at the age of 47. On Friday, October 17th, Lisa Flynt-Fugate, the daughter of Hustler brand chairman, Larry Flynt was involved in a terrible car crash.

Mrs Flynt, who was intoxicated got ejected from a green Oldsmobile sedan after she failed to stop at a red light, and turned in front of a semitrailer in the 2300 block of Valley Street in Riverside.

The truck belongs to USF Holland Trucking and was being driven by Ian A. Givens, 45, of Riverside. Givens and Flynt’s passenger, 24-year-old Cierra Mallory, were not injured.

Flynt was trapped under the vehicle with life-threatening injuries for almost one hour. Friends and family members have been meeting near the Dollar General, where the car crashed happened for nightly vigils in remembrance of the woman with the big heart.

The police say the fact Flynt was drunk, caused the deadly crash. Flynt’s spouse has declined to comment on the fact that she was driving while under the influence of alchool and without a valid Ohio license.

Mr Fugate has revealed that doctors believed Lisa Flynt suffered a seizure prior to the crash. Glenn Fugate stated that in the last few months, his late wife suffered four seizures.

Mrs Flynt was taken by the Riverside Fire Department to the Miami Valley Hospital, where she remained in a coma in the intensive care unit for one week. Doctors told her family that she had limited brain activity and her body was gradually shutting down.

On Thursday night, her husband and her father (who was on the telephone) took the decision to remove Flynt from life support. According to family members, she died almost immediately after the machines were turned off.


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  1. John says:

    So sorry to hear of the loss of your loved one. I pray that God will send comfort and His peace that passes all understanding to this grieving family.

  2. Dino says:

    Nothing good comes to sexual deviants like Larry Flynt.

    • Linda D says:

      Lisa was a great person, if you did not know her, please shut up.

      • Rascalflattsgirl says:

        Sorry! But she was driving drunk!!! So people are going to voice their opinions. I’m so sorry they lost their daughter and I prayed for her recovery, but what she did could’ve took the lives of others for no fault of their own.

  3. Linda D says:

    To Larry Flynt, Glenn and the rest of the family, my husband and I are sorry to hear of Lisa’s passing, we got to know her from her visit to my area, we had a great time, and I still remember Lisa and I going to the gas station to get beer for the clubhouse and we were evicted from the place. We laughed so hard.

    Lisa you were a great person and friend. You did not like to many women in my area but we got along great. You will be sadly missed.

  4. Rascalflattsgirl says:

    So sorry for their loss, but I am happy that an innocent person wasn’t maimed or killed by someone not really giving a damn about her own life let alone another’s!

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