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Linda Perry disses Beyonce songwriting skills and people are asking why she did it. Perry who is a prolific and respected songwriter took to Reddit two days ago to promote her VH1 reality show “Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project.”

The former 4 Non Blondes leader held an AMA session where internet users were able to ask questions and she would opt to answer those she wanted to. A user named halftime25 decided to bring up Beyonce songwriting skills, something that has created a lot of controversy in the music industry in the past.

The “Single Ladies” singer who is often credited as a songwriter in her extraordinaire catalog has often been called out for claiming she wrote songs that she did not. Ne-Yo who wrote one of her biggest hits was more or less blacklisted by her team after he stated in an interview that she had very to do with 2006’s mega hit “Irreplaceable.”

Bangladesh a producer who worked with Beyonce on “Video Phone” and “Diva” also said that she had almost no involvement in writing those songs but she is still credited as songwriter on them because she is a megastar.

Linda Perry has never worked with Beyonce at least officially. Here is the question that got the Linda Perry Beyonce drama stated:

Linda, how do you feel about Beyonce changing one word on a song and getting writing credit. Does that bother you as a songwriter?

Obviously looking for blood, Sara Gilbert’s wife did not miss the opportunity to grab some headlines.

“well hahaha um thats not songwriting but some of these artists believe if it wasnt for them your song would never get out there so they take a cut just because they are who they are. but everyone knows the real truth even Beyonce. She is talented but in a completely different way.”

Criticizing Beyonce is fair game but dissing another artist is often used as a promotional tool and this may be the case.

Linda Perry who wrote Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” was also asked about Rihanna and Kanye West but she ignored those questions.

Where does the Linda Perry Beyonce feud go from here?


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