Lily-Rose Depp Fashion Shoot: Actor Johnny Depp’s Daughter Models At 14

April 23, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Lily-Rose Depp debuts fashion shoot, and it makes headlines. The stunning French-American daughter of actor Johnny Depp and singer-turned-actress Vanessa Paradis has landed in the pages of Oyster magazine. Many are surprised to see Miss Depp’s first fashion spread in an Indie magazine when she grew up hanging around people like Chanel and Fendi designer, Karl Lagerfeld.

lily rose depp fashion shoot

At 14, Lily-Rose Depp lands her first fashion shoot for Oyster magazine. On Wednesday, Australian magazine Oyster was proud to announce that they are the first to feature rising model Lily-Rose Depp.

The teen daughter of superstars – Johnny Depp and former girlfriend Vanessa Paradis – is simply gorgeous in the mag. Lily-Rose Depp poses in a series of age appropriate outfits for the fashion shoot, which was put together by photographer Dana Boulos.

In one picture, the teenager posed in a cute strapless peplum dress while in another she is sporting a jean jacket and in the final shoot she is wearing a colorful tank top.

The mini Vanessa Paradis also conducted an interview with Maggie Silverman where she revealed some surprising things about herself.

Lily-Rose Depp said she is a rap fan and is in love with the song “Hardly” by Ciara‘s former fiancé and baby daddy, Future.

The one beauty secret she was willing to share was the fact that she is obsessed with using blush as an eyeshadow! Lily-Rose Depp confessed that she loves to drink blended red Thai tea boba from Urth Caffe.

She surprised many by saying that she is a fan of The Office and Lockdown (a documentary series about prison). To the question: What superpower would you choose if you could have one? She replied by:

“I would want to fly!”

Her favorite store is Opening Ceremony. Moreover, she considers herself a “lol” girl. Vanessa Paradis has been the face of Chanel for over 25 years, and Johnny Depp is a mega star and, therefore, many are surprised to see their offspring in an indie magazine.

One can only conclude that the teen, who has graced red carpets, chilled with fashion God Karl Lagerfeld, wants to be less commercial than her parents.

What are your thoughts on Lily-Rose Depp’s fashion shoot for Oyster magazine?

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