Laura Spencer ‘General Hospital’: Actress Genie Francis Returning To ‘General Hospital’ (Spoiler)

April 30, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Laura Spencer and General Hospital, a love connection that will never end, which would explain why Genie Francis has signed on to return to the soap opera. However, the spoiler announced by Frank Valentini is already creating drama because some General Hospital fans are angry that Luke Spencer, (played by Anthony Geary), who is Laura Spencer’s former husband, is blaming the fact that he raped her and killed his parents on mental issues.

Laura Spencer General Hospital

Laura Spencer and General Hospital, a 35-year-old relationship that shows no sign of weakening because it has been revealed that Genie Francis is coming back. However, some fans are not happy with the recent development where Anthony Geary, aka Luke Spencer, revealed that he killed his parents and raped Laura Spencer because he was in a dark spot.

In a brief statement issued by General Hospital‘s executive producer Frank Valentini, it was revealed that actress Genie Francis, who has been playing Laura Spencer since 1976, is set to return to the ABC soap opera.

Valentini did not say how long Francis will be in the series. The producer tweeted:

“Hey #GH fans: I have AWESOME news…@GenieFrancis is coming back to @GeneralHospital !!!”

Genie Francis, last reprised the role of Laura Spencer in 2013, and she stayed for about five months. After her exit, rumors started spreading that Francis was fired.

Valentini did an interview and explained that the actress is extremely busy with her career and could not stay more than four months on General Hospital. He said:

“I had to write her character off the show because it’s my job, not because I wanted to. […] As I understand it, Genie came back to us on a short-term contract, which is what both she and ABC wanted. I was given her dates and worked with them the best I could. Genie had made another obligation before she returned to us, one that meant there were several weeks during the summer where she wasn’t available to us.”

He added:

“I love having Genie. I wanted Laura back on GH from the minute I came onto this show. I’m always open to having her back. Contrary to rumor, I assure you nobody got fired. Nobody got thrown under the bus.”

Indeed, Genie Francis is a very active woman, who has appeared in multiple episodes of The Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives and Murder, She Wrote. She was also a spokesperson for the Medifast Diet, which helped her lose 30 pounds.

Valentini did not say how long Francis will be in the series nor what will her storyline be focusing on. However, many are already predicting that Laura Spencer, half of the super couple Luke and Laura will force Luke Spencer to talk about the infamous rape of 1979.

Writer Pat Falken Smith had often been blasted for turning a brutal attack into a seduction scene. The violence, the screams were removed from the scene. Instead the song “Rise,” written by Randy Badazz Alpert and Andy Armer was played.

Despite the controversial scene, the duo became wildly popular, and they wed in 1981 with 30 million viewers tuning in. As of lately, Luke has been opening up about his mental issues and even confessed to murdering his parents, so expect him to tackle the rape.

What are your thoughts on Genie Francis’ return to General Hospital?


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  1. Virginia Tilton says:

    The story line of Luke has moved on with Tracy. Leave it be… Laura needs to stay where she is at now. No she need not too come back.

  2. demoncat_4 says:

    even if luke has moved on with tracy Laura will always be his first love the two always will find their way back to each other . and always thought something was mental and wrong day when when gh decided to start the love affair of luke and Laura by having Luke rape her.

  3. Carlo Santona says:

    I love that show.

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