Buffalo Car In Ice Photo Goes Viral

January 14, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A Lake Erie frozen car is attracting attention. The “Buffalo car in ice” picture has gone viral, and now the owner of the vehicle has stepped forward. Justin Yelen said he parked the car next to Lake Erie and left it there because he did not want to drive home drunk and when he came back for it – it was frozen.

Buffalo Car In Ice

Justin Yelen is the owner of the so-called “Buffalo car in ice,” and he needs the best ice remover he can get his hands on. On Monday, Matt Bove, a reporter from Buffalo, New York took a picture of something he had never seen before.

The snapshot featured a car parked near Lake Erie, which was completely frozen. The photo, which was given the title “Buffalo car in ice,” has thousands of people scratching their heads and wondering, how did the Sedan become an ice sculpture and how will the owner get the newly formed ice ring off?

According to local media outlets, the freezing temperatures, high winds up to 47 miles per hour, and water from the lake combined and turned the car into an ice sculpture. Bove shared:

“I don’t even know if pictures do it justice of just how insane this image is.”

After the picture had gone viral, Yelen, the owner of the car came forward and explained that on Sunday night he went to have drinks with few friends and left it near Lake Erie because he decided it was best not to drive back home. On Monday, when he went to get his car – he found it encased in ice.

Yelen, 24, added that he will have to wait several days before he can remove the car from the ice and he knows it has suffered some damages. He also said

“I hope summer comes soon.”

The young man went on to say that he hopes his parents will drive him around for the upcoming weeks. If you live in Buffalo, expect to see more and more car in ice pictures on the nightly news because the National Weather Service warns of hazardous weather conditions from Tuesday to early Thursday morning with the region expecting a total of 9 to 18 inches along with gusts howling up to 45 mph.

What are your thoughts on the Lake Erie frozen car picture?


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