Laguna Coast Wilderness Park Pot: Marijuana Grove Found In California Park

August 16, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park Pot

The Laguna Coast Wilderness Park pot discovery is as wild as it sounds. On Friday, it was revealed that between 2,500 and 4,000 marijuana plants were found growing in the Muddy Canyon area of the Orange County park in California.

It is estimated that the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park pot find is worth close to $5 million. This story truly started unraveling few weeks ago when workers at the park spotted an impressive amount of marijuana plants growing near a ravine.

The staff immediately alerted the authorities who decided to investigate the matter. Law enforcement officers surveyed the area for days looking for clues that could lead to the people behind the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park pot grove. No suspects were arrested and Friday; authorities decided to uproot the marijuana plants. The investigation is still ongoing and the Sheriff’s Department ((714) 647-7000) is asking the public for help in finding those responsible for the pot grove.

Orange County Sheriff’s Lt. Jeff Hallock stated that the plants were mature, which means this illegal venture had been going on for a decent period of time. Hallock said:

“A lot of these were very mature.So these plants were down there for some time.”

The pot bust is not unprecedented in size, but the location is surprising. Hallock explained:

“In the past we’ve found plants deep in canyons, such as off Ortega Highway, in more rural areas.”

The marijuana cultivation was found in an area that is pretty close to where stars like NBA legend Kobe Bryant live.

Reaction to the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park pot bust is mixed to say the least. Some residents mocked the people behind the pot grove who will lose between 3 and $5 million in revenue.

Others who are more friendly to the weed culture find that the whole operation was a waste of taxpayers money since marijuana is legal in some states. Those voices say that the confiscated pot should be sold to another state like Washington or Colorado, and the revenue generated could go to the California education system.


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  1. Sanderhank says:

    Wow, if they confiscated it then sold it, they, under their own laws, would have to jail themselves.

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