Lady Gaga Slams Fat-Shaming By Being ‘Curvy and Proud’

July 22, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga may be called fat by some people on the internet but she does not care because she is proud of her curves. Few went out of their way to fat-shame the “Born This Way” singer after some unflattering photos taken during her “ArtRave: The Artpop Ball” tour showed up on the web. Lady Gaga hit back on Instastgram by posting a picture with the caption “Curvy and Proud.”

Lady Gaga is obviously not fat but a little weight gain is enough to be at the receiving end of some uncalled for fat-shaming. Gaga who has dealt with body issues her entire life faced criticism from online commentators this month who compared her unfavorably to another music star Katy Perry.

The “G.U.Y.” artist is not leaving her tormentors get the best of her by proudly keeping her head up and focusing on the positive. Her fans have rushed to her defense and blasted a society that only embraces those who are thin.

The Lady Gaga fat-shaming campaign started gaining steam on Saturday after she performed in Last Vegas. Photographers at the concert captured her from some really bad angles and internet commentators decided to do the rest.

Gaga handled the whole thing with a lot of dignity and grace but it’s interesting to note that she decided to cover up a bit in her photo statement. This was probably a sarcastic move directed at her haters because few images later she was back to wearing very little.

Lady Gaga always had a difficult relationship with critics and the media in regard to her status as a sex symbol, this is something that she tried unsuccessfully to address in her song “Do What U Want,” featuring R&B crooner R. Kelly.

Most people missed that aspect of the track and focused instead on the sexually-charged lyrics in light of Mr Kelly’s controversial past.

Lady Gaga


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