Lady Gaga Haircut Photo: New Hairstyle Stuns Fans

February 15, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Lady Gaga’s haircut is making headlines – just like everything else she does. On Valentine’s Day, flamboyant singer and musician Lady Gaga took to Instagram where she shared photos of her new sexy yet classy haircut.

lady gaga haircut pics

A Lady Gaga haircut Instagram post has gone viral with almost half of a million likes. On Valentine’s Day, Lady Gaga took to Instagram where she unveiled her new hairstyle with her almost five and a half million followers.

The singer and musician is now sporting a new sexy bob. The diva, who was blonde one week ago when she performed at the Grammys with Tony Bennett, went back to her natural brunette locks.

In the first black and white picture, Lady Gaga can be seen in a black fur coat, sporting a pair of stunning diamond earrings as she sits in a car. The “Poker Face” artist completed the look with flawless makeup that included cat eyes, bold eyelashes, and heavy eyebrows.

Lady Gaga, who is in love with her haircut, used the caption to make it known. Miss Gaga also explained that she is eager to spend Valentine’s Day with her rumored fiancé, Taylor Kinney. The 29-year-old wrote:

“ready for my Valentine, Love my new haircut!”

In another snapshot that was taken by a paparazzo, Lady Gaga can be seen emerging from her New York City apartment with a brown fur coat, oversized round-frame sunglasses with her new bob.

The star whose real name is Stefani Germanotta was carrying a large bouquet of roses given to her by a fan. She also received balloons and cards from her supporters.

Just days prior, Lady Gaga had platinum blonde locks as she performed at the Grammy Awards with her good friend, Tony Bennett. The pair won Best Traditional Pop Vocals for their album of jazz duets Cheek To Cheek.

Lady Gaga was also involved in a controversy on the red carpet of the award show. Soul singer India Arie took to Twitter to reveal that Lady Gaga’s bodyguard swatted her away. India Arie tweeted:

“when I reached to speak to @ladygaga her security swatted my wrist – clapping something hard against my turquoise bracelet #Grammy2015 smh.”

Many of Lady Gaga’s fans slammed India by saying that she is just making the story up. She later tweeted that Gaga was not aware of the incident. The R&B artist said:

“Her securty swatted my hand – SHE didnt see me. And my point is not @ladygaga my point is — this is the energy of the hollywood bubble.”

Lady Gaga is expected to show off her new haircut as she performs at the Oscars on February 22. The Lady Gaga haircut post has many of her fans sounding off. Most of them find that she looks chic with her new ‘do and are happy that she decided to get rid of her wigs and extensions.

Few went as far as begging her not to ever bleach or wear fake hair again. Others mocked the haircut story – saying that since 2008, she had her hair short and hid it under weird wigs, so why is this news.

Lady Gaga’s haircut is a hit, supporters are hoping that new music will follow.


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