Kyra Sedgwick Dress Film Critics Circle: ‘The Closer’ Star Steals Show In Hot Blue Gown

January 7, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Kyra Sedgwick’s dress at the Film Critics Circle Awards was simply stunning. At almost 50, Kyra Sedgwick stole the spotlight at the Film Critics Circle Awards in a beautiful dress by Safiyaa London that showed off her impressive physique.

Kyra Sedgwick Dress Film Critics Circle

The headline “Kyra Sedgwick Film Critics Circle Dress Stuns” is splashed all over the fashion blogs today for all the right reasons. On Monday, January 6th, Kyra Sedgwick attended the 2014 New York Film Critics Circle Awards, which took place at TAO Downtown in New York City.

The Something the Lord Made actress, who will celebrate her 50th birthday this summer, was a presenter at the event, and was also there to support her good friend and her costar on The Closer J.K. Simmons.

Conveniently enough, Kyra Sedgwick was the one, who announced that J.K. Simmons won Best Supporting Actor for his amazing performance in Whiplash, where he played a sadistic music teacher. Sedgwick, who had some touching words for Simmons, said:

“He is one of the greatest scene partners on Earth… and Whiplash meant that the moment when his work could be quietly admired was over.”

As Sedgwick took the stage, few jaws dropped to the floor, admiring her beautiful gown and amazing curves. Kyra Sedgwick shared a photo of herself hugging Simmons after the Film Critics Circle Awards, and captioned it:

“I got to give a dear friend an award tonight! JK Simmons best Supporting Actor Drama NYC Critics award.”

For the soirée, the Something to Talk About star opted for a blue dress by Safiyaa London. Kyra Sedgwick’s dress is a drop-shoulder with a sweetheart neckline that retails for $2,190.

The body-hugging gown, which includes details such as off-the-shoulder short sleeves, and concealed rear zip fastening, is also available in red.

Mrs Kevin Bacon went for a natural-toned makeup and a simple pair of teardrop earrings by Fred Leighton. To complete the look, Sedgwick had her summer curls into a romantic updo, and did her nails in navy blue.

In a recent interview with More magazine, Kyra Sedgwick revealed how she maintains her hot body. Sedgwick explained:

“When I’m working, I do yoga one day and weight training another. If I have a late-morning call, I can jump on the bike.”

Mrs Kyra Sedgwick gave more details about her work out routine, by saying:

“There’s something I do called Tabata that Japanese speed skaters invented. You can do it with any exercise: You do 20 seconds as hard as you can, then take a 10-second rest. Continue for four minutes. It’s the hardest exercise you’ll ever do in your life.”

As stated above, the headline “Kyra Sedgwick Dress Film Critics Circle” was all over the fashion blogs, and critics loved her choice.

Fashion experts say that Sedgwick made a bold statement with her regal gown: “I look damn fine and I am ready for the new year.”

Later this year, the mother of two will appear in Big Sky, a thriller about a mother and daughter getting attacked by two gunmen, and another movie called Chisper is also set for release.

What are your thoughts on Kyra Sedgwick’s tight dress?


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  1. Connie says:

    Kyra looks absolutely gorgeous in the dress that everyone is talking about. I sure loved her when she was in “The Closer”. That was a great TV show. I hope that she will also star in another type of TV show. She is just beautiful.

  2. Pirate Queen says:

    Kyra looks great in this fantatic gown! She has always been a very pretty lady and looks great for 49! One of the “nice” couples out of Hollywood.

  3. Shane says:

    Go Kevin!!!

  4. Chester Drawers says:

    Really? This is why this country is going to “hades” in a hand basket! Anyone with half a life could care less about this….geez!

    • Sonja LeVan says:

      Well, I care….she is a classy lady and one of the BEST actors today and whats more, she has been married to the same guy for a long time, which you do not see in Hollywood!…….If you don’t care, why take the time to reply or read the article..GEEZ!!

    • PattiS says:

      Then why are you commenting???

    • Al says:

      why are you reading it then?

  5. lu says:

    Beautiful and Talented Woman. Could that glow be the Love of Bacon?

  6. Dreamer33 says:

    Yeah – she does look very beautiful – of course – as any other woman – and because of her status she can easily accessorize and dress well. She also does a good job at taking care of her body. Make up is sometimes 30% of how good you look – for a woman anyway. However, [and here I go] Kevin Bacon – with his faded jeans, tennis shoes, no make up face, walmart tshirt [that only he can wear so well] and uncombed hair can look absolutely gorgeous anytime!! all the way until bedtime. Nice handsome couple these two

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