Kyra Sedgwick Joins ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ In Guest Role

July 30, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Kyra Sedgwick Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Kyra Sedgwick’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” role is tailor-made. Kyra Sedgwick, will be guest staring on the show “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” in the role of Madeline Wuntch, a deputy who makes Andre Braugher’s Captain Holt job a living hell. Kyra Sedgwick, best known for her role in “The Closer” took to Twitter to say how excited she is to star in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

Kyra Sedgwick is returning to TV and will be appearing in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and her fans are very happy about the news.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Something to Talk About actress has been cast in the action comedy television “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

Sedgwick will appear in two episodes on the hit Fox series. The Behind the Red Door star will take on the role of Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch.

Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch is Captain Holt’s (played by Andre Braugher) longtime rival, the pair met when they were just rookies at the NYPD.

Wuntch, is sent to 99th Precinct of the New York City Police Department in Brooklyn to evaluate the team and decides to take her old rival and his crew down.

Mrs Kevin Bacon who is trilled to have landed the gig said via Twitter:

I’m SO excited about this! I’m a luck girl!

Mr Bacon tweeted back:

yes u r! A blonde “Luck Girl”” Thanks hon!

The 48-year-old star who used to play the skillful, and straight talking Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson on TNT’s “The Closer” will be very comfortable in this new role where she is a cop again.

And her supporters are thrilled to see her back on the little screen after she left in 2012.

Since taking a break from TV (she has been staying away from TV but has been featured on few movies) the mother-of-two has been very active on Twitter where she spends a lot time talking about her family and her dog.

She is often praising President Barack Obama for taking action on some of the issues that matter to her.

She was very happy when Obama decided to ban contractors from discriminating against LGBT people.

The activist was also very satisfied with the climate change plan unveiled in May.

Season two of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” will premiere Oct. 5 on Fox, Kyra Sedgwick aka Madeline Wuntch, will appear in the second episode.

In the new season, Captain Holt will not only be dealing with Wuntch but also with the new young Commissioner who wants to change everything in the precinct.


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