Kris Silbaugh Breaks Records As A HS Wide Receiver Born With One Hand

September 18, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

At 17, Kris Silbaugh, a wide receiver for Cambridge Springs High School, is the next big thing in football because he can break records with only one hand. Silbaugh, who was born without a left hand, made a 43-yard touchdown catch during his team’s 63-0 win and, therefore, shattered the Cambridge Springs High School previous record for receiving yards. Moreover, he is also a great baseball and volleyball player too.

Kris Silbaugh

Kris Silbaugh is breaking records like there is no tomorrow. On Friday night, a very interesting football game took place between Saegertown Junior/Senior High School and Cambridge Springs High School in Pennsylvania.

Cambridge Springs High School won the game by a score of 63-0 and Kris Silbaugh, a wide receiver, highly contributed to the victory. Silbaugh also made history when he caught a 43-yard touchdown pass and he did all of that without a left hand.

Silbaugh, who was born without a left hand, shared his joy:

“I knew I was close to it last year, but I had forgotten about it.I was shocked; one of my coaches told me at halftime and I was just like, ‘Oh wow!’ It definitely makes me feel good that I was able to do that, but I always believe in myself.”

Silbaugh is a fierce athlete, who also excels in baseball and volleyball, but is currently focusing on football. The young man is also working hard to break the school’s record for receptions as well. The record is 57 and Mr. Silbaugh already has 38, and many predict he will achieve his goal by the end of the season.

The star player said that he is hungry to break all records at his school. He revealed:

“I definitely want all of the records I can get. It’s crazy that, at first, no one knew me and now I get the best guy in the secondary all the time. I still feel like I have to prove people wrong because there’s always someone in the stands that hasn’t seen me play. I know that people will always be shocked at what I’m able to do because I only have one hand, but my goal is to be known as a dominant player, period.”

Talking to local media, Silbaugh explained that he always wanted to be a wide receiver and never let his disability hold him back. The courageous teen stated:

“I never wanted anyone to pity me.I hate that feeling. I knew I wanted to be a receiver, but I didn’t know how everyone would react when I tried out. Finally, I just kind of went for it. I knew I would have to be better than good. I still remember Coach (Clint) Rauscher, who was the head coach at the time, and he was a little shocked when I said I was a receiver.”

He also spoke briefly about his disability and revealed that few colleges have contacted him:

“It was just some sort of birth defect. Nothing was wrong. It has never stopped me. I just don’t let it; never have.I’ve been getting a few letters from colleges, but I’m just focusing on the season. I just want to help the team in any way that I can.”

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