Kris Cries All The Time Says Kim Kardashian: Bruce Jenner’s Journey Hits Family In Big Way

May 26, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Kris cries all the time, according to Kim. During a special episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians: About Bruce, Kim Kardashian revealed to her sisters that Kris Jenner has been weeping since learning that Bruce Jenner had decided to transition to a woman.

kris cries all the time

Kris cries all the time, reveals Kim K. in a new installment of the Kardashian’s hit reality series. In last week’s special episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians: About Bruce, Kim Kardashian sat down with sisters – Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner – and made a sad confession about their mother and manager Kris Jenner – she is having a tough time accepting that Bruce Jenner has decided to become a woman.

After watching the ratings-shattering interview of Diane Sawyer with Bruce Jenner, Kim Kardashian broke down and said:

“He is going to tell his full story. At first I was like ‘I’m totally going to cry, I’m totally going to cry.’”

The Jenner sisters listened, but failed to react to Kardashian’s remark. With tears running down her eyes, the socialite and model, added that Bruce Jenner’s decision to come out as a transgender has taken a toll on Kris Jenner.

“No talking to him because I was thinking, Mom this is really hard for her. It’s so sad, she cries all the time and it makes me really sad,” an emotional Kardashian confessed.

North West‘s mother went on to ask her family to rally around the matriarch and show support.

“But we should really appreciate all the things she does for us, because she does a lot,” Kardashian requested.

After the interview, Kim Kardashian spoke to Matt Lauer saying that she is supportive of her step-father. She shared:

“I’m really happy for him that he is living his life the way he wants to live it. And that he has found inner peace and just pure happiness. That’s what life is about.”

While big sister Kim Kardashian has made her peace with Bruce’s decision, Kylie Jenner is really struggling with her father’s gender transition. The 17-year-old reality TV star said:

“I feel like I go through these times where I hate my life.My sisters always try and make me talk about everything but I don’t want to right now.People deal with things in different ways.”

Meanwhile, rumors are saying that the real reason Kris Jenner is crying all the time is because she was hoping to cash in during Bruce Jenner’s big moment, and the Olympic champion has no interest.

What are your thoughts on Kris Jenner’s reaction?


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  1. Big Bil says:

    Au Revoir to his wiener…hence the weeping

    • Dawn Jen says:

      it would appear she got a real “reality check” karma is a b******

      • LAURA says:

        Agreed, Kris talking to him about wanting the truth only, give me a break! she knew, they all knew, She was the one lying and trying twice as hard to keep their secrets under wraps, It has taken its toll on her son, to act as if she was the one lied to the longest is just another of Kris’s lies….his kids do not like her….never will… Bruce cant be controlled by her any more, So, of course, Kris being Kris…( after selling her soul) with Kim’s tape…takes over and produces the new Bruce transition reality show, so she can continue to spin it to suit her…BTW…..Kim is the same person….lies to your face, while setting up and staging the next taping….The younger girls are the true victims….stayed tuned…things are getting ready to get bumpier and more tragic sadly…

      • AZ BRUJA says:

        “cries all the time..” How low will this woman go to make everything about her and the girls? Yep, Karma is a major bitch; got nothing on the AZ BRUJA though. Think it’s time to dust off the spell books and make it all go away.

        • Insider Spy says:

          MORE lies; all lies all the time. ALL this false “trauma” and “love” is about one thing. Big bucks. Kris is the only person that is able to “cry” from only one eye. Must have had only enough onion juice for one. Sure makeup people were right there to repair any damage. What is up with her nose?? Looks like Michael Jackson. And her eyes? Is one glass? Seriously, her cheeks look like something is living in them yet her neck looks like wrinkled pantyhose. Kim is suddenly the spokes person for all and yet, cannot nail the whole “my heart is bigger than my ass” thing. Cannot show any emotion; too busy flipping her fake hair to even pinch out one tear. Let Bruce be whoever; feel no sympathy for any of them. So fake.

    • dawn jen says:

      everytime I log in I feel like I need to take a shower lately …………….

  2. MIKE LONGO says:


  3. Lauraine says:

    I feel for the whole family, they have to reconcile that their ex- husband and Dad is becoming a woman . I know it is hard for Bruce, But I think it is much harder for the family

    • Dawn Jen says:

      poor Bruce having a tough time in his Malibu home with the Pacific Ocean in his backyard –

    • Odila Rohhmann says:

      Oh yes, they are so sad, bruce might get all the papparazi chasing him instead of the Kardasian/Jenner girls who cant seem to keep their clothes on in public, and can’t seem to stop their already enormous azzes from growing.

    • MrsB says:

      I totally agree with you. Whether the Kardashian/Jenner family are liked or not, they are an amazing family unit that have shown strength during ups and downs. Bruce deserves to live his happiness but it MUST be difficult for all of the family including Kris. It came out that she knew about the cross-dressing, but having to deal with your husband transitioning to a woman, is a whole different ball game.

      • What?? says:

        And a good day to you, Kris and/or Kim. The use of the word “amazing” gave you away.

      • Tracy R says:

        OMG Kim K…really, stop lying and just tell the truth…what strength? what strength has your family shown? lies and spins…that’s it, no heros here, only victims, only time will show if there is any strength after what your parents have managed to do to their kids, Oh, she only knew of his cross dressing, and she didn’t put the car in 5th gear right then and there, instead has 2 more kids with him to screw up, Robs already checked out it appears, I think your Mom is crying all night due to the fact she was unable to spin the Rob story a bit more than she started too last month prior to Bruce’s doing the Diane Sawyer tell all. is anything off limits to evil Mom, lets just throw Rob under the bus and give him more cash while taping, she knows exactly what she is doing, normal parents takes serious problems and help there kids, not tape a show and basically tell the entire planet that he has to pay his drug dealers. then of course, Khloe backs her story up by showing his dirty dishes in his room, who does this kind of shit for the almighty dollar, of course now that she has Bruce back on board with E …she is producing his transition story now, so she should be cool, editing her way, in her phony concerned voice and fake tears, then she uses you Kim, adding your 2 cents in full make up and your new lip’s and fake tears trying to back her BS spins up.

      • Insider Spy says:

        Good of you to join us, KRIS. Nice, heartfelt comment above.
        YAWN >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> BLAH, BLAH, BLAH..

  4. Linda says:

    It’s not about her, it’s his life and he chose to divorce her and move on. If where he chooses to go makes him happy, then so be it. Leave him alone and let him enjoy his life the way he sees fit. Move on to something, someone else to talk about.

  5. shirley says:

    As Joy Behar always says: So what. Who cares.

  6. Jason B. Abbott says:

    Well would be sad to if I were Kris Jenner or any of her children…. I mean I’m sad too, I’ll never be able to eat Wheaties again. That being said I respect Bruce, because he has one upped the Kardashians.

  7. Harriet Frenzel says:

    She never treated him like a man on the show…she is only crying because he broke the story and she can not make any money on it. Any women who pimps out her daughters and treats he husband on son like she does is a man hater, so what is her problem.

  8. Art says:

    “Kris cries all the time…….”
    I think there is part of this quote missing. It continues with “…..every time the cameras are on her.” She doesn’t seem to be crying when she is out on the town. Bruce will do as he pleases and the Kardashian Klan will continue to keep syndicating their brand as will Bruce.

    • Dawn Jen says:

      TRUE STORY – notice how her Son (Rob) has been left out of the episodes – b/c of his weight gain and other “issues” this Momager’s solution to him was to go on “Biggest Loser” like they say “you cannot make this stuff up” and truth is “stranger than fiction”

    • LAURA says:


  9. Katie says:

    We all knew this was going to happem. None of them appeared on the Diane Sawyer interview like his other kids did. They had to save it to make sre they had enough fodder for their “reality” show. Of course Kris is going to make it all about her and not support him. She KNEW about him she had to. If he was her soul mate and they were so intuned she knew. Heck WE knew. You could tell. I am very proud of him. This is hard for him no one chooses this path. It takes strength and courage to put yourself out there like that. He will do some real good and help others.Get over it Kris and move on – this is not about you for once.

  10. CATHERINE says:


    • LAURA says:

      I agree, The 7 deadly sins, read them, they surround this family, I am a married mother of 2, when I brought my son and daughter in this world the game changed, I want my 2 innocents to live a life with parents that they can always depend on, as well as always calling us Mom & Dad, Bruce is selfish…how can he do this to his children, all of the good and pride that they felt for him was thrown out of the window when he made this choice, at 65, and you believe him, if its not about sex, then why? Selfish…I have no respect for his wife, she knew all along at the risk of hurting her own adult kids…she just spins and spins, listen to what her own kids say about her, not nice…no trust or faith… because they know her, what makes her tic…a Bentley…that grossed Bruce out.typical new wealth…show off….buy everything you can today..then let a kid younger than your own sleep in the same bed at the same home that their father lived in.

    • Peggy Farrell says:

      catherine—- You are the first person to post something that is filled with common sense. Some of the posts before and after yours are vile and filled with hatred for a woman and family that they may or may not know and those posts show the level of compassion and common sense that those commenters have.

    • babyO says:

      You said all, it I sadddddddddd

    • babyO says:


  11. lisa says:

    I don’t think that she is taking it that hard, lets face it, as soon as she got divorced she was already dating some guy and still dating him. I think she is crying for she didn’t get to cash in on the interview money. In the episode of bruce part 2,he stated that the last 5 yrs of there marriage she treated him badly, so it didn’t look as though there marriage was in that good of shape. Personally I feel that they need to focus on there youngest dtr. Did anyone catch the scene where Kris is sitting in her bed talking to Kim about the Bruce situation and then all of a sudden the left side of Kris’s
    cheek looks wet, as it it was spritzed with water, my question is, how does one cry out of one eye?? FAKE! I wish
    Bruce well and good luck on his journey.

  12. Susan says:

    Obviously she is crying for herself, for her loss, for her inability to control what is happening (She is a control freak, right), and for the fact that she spent many years of her life with someone who withheld so much of himself from the marriage relationship. Looking back at her relationship with Bruce and the years shared, it all seems like a charade, I am sure. It is sad. Kris is feeling sorry for Kris but not without cause.

  13. Linda Shogren says:

    Really? I mean REALLY???? I don’t buy into Kris’s emotional breakdown over this – she could care less – if she were truly upset, NO WAY would she put this out on TV – with cameras rolling 24/7 – re-takes, etc. – this entire family makes me sick to my stomach! They are trying to cash in on the publicity since their stupid, mindless, ridiculous show is history!

    • John Redcorn says:

      The only reason this woman is crying is because Bruce broke his story without MAMA KRIS producing show.This woman cares about nothing but power and greed.She pimped her darling daughters xrated video..That should speak volumns about this woman

    • Darlene Hopkins says:

      Hey, does anyone out there remember the episode where Bruce disappeared to his son’s place for three days and Kris didn’t know he was gone? LOL. Very telling

  14. jonedoe106 says:

    If I ever live to be a 100+ I will never never understand this family I thought Kris wanted to seperated from Jenner and now she is crying because he wants to become a woman? My first question why should she care what he or she wants to do now that they are seperated???

    • Peggy Farrell says:

      Kris fells ashamed of this entire fiasco. Do you people understand the level of embarrassment she is experiencing right now. To face something of this magnitude and publicly is not an easy task, especially because she has many, many haters who were just waiting to post humiliating comments about her and her family. She seem to be a good woman, please people observe more and hate less.

      • LAURA says:

        She is ashamed because she cant spin it….she is a liar, a cheat, keep your son and his secrets in the closet and continue to pay him and his drug dealers…figure it out Peggy (aka) spin control friend of KJ…easy to see thru you and your comments…she opened this can of worms, knowing it would eventually come out, always does…doubt she is crying with Corey next to her every night in the home that the sex tape of her own child made and she promoted…if she and her daughters want the comments to stop, try schooling her ignorant un-educated daughters who talk to her with such disrespect, call her crazy, and what ever else their spoiled lil asses choose to address her as daily…read Robert K’s diary, pretty much says all, The judge found her as a total narcissist back then, she still is, her partying and cheating on him, They went after poor Ellen K like gangbusters,laughing about setting her up in a hotel and lying about a real estate appointment, yes, they were so upset lol…the truth hurts.. Kris is just not a good or nice person…phony…OMG…and Kim sounds just like her, the constant lying and the fake and learn Kanye! I give you both less than 2 years…queen Kim must be worshiped…and Kanye soon enough, will be looking for a younger, natural beauty as well as a easy going girl after he has had enough of the non stop constant embarrassing clan he is stuck with today…..

  15. Dawn Jen says:

    pleaseeeeeeeeeee – notice how her Son (Rob) has been left out of the episodes – b/c of his weight gain and other “issues” this Momager’s solution to him was to go on “Biggest Loser” like they say “you cannot make this stuff up” and truth is “stranger than fiction”

  16. Shawn McFadden says:

    Why the hell is she crying? She divorced him!!! First she was happy being with a younger man, now she’s crying?!?! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  17. JoAnn Cawrse says:

    I agree that Kris’ crying is a bunch of crap. She wasn’t crying while she was out playing the “cougar mama”. They are so over rated it is pathetic. It’s not a wonder that Bruce is going for a transformation after being married to that nut job! Rob is the only one that’s got a brain, and wants a normal life but they can’t leave him alone! The women are all attention whores. Look at me! Kim married one of the biggest, most arrogant moron’s I’ve ever seen. He can’t even speak like an adult.

  18. Larry Trimmer says:

    She cries on QUE, whenever the script say to

  19. chris says:


    • patty says:

      please it is all about the money

    • Gina says:

      To demand total honesty and truth you mean, they are the biggest liars of all, look at the oldest half wit lying to knucklehead about baby number 3…lol! lets keep it all honest and we need the total truth bahahaha…

    • Dino In Vegas says:

      OK, chris or, should I say, KRIS/KIM – no one’s buying this crap except empty headed sheep. The majority rules. You and the trashiest family in Calif is going down like the Titanic. Waiting the that new show, “Kardashian’s Take the Trailer Park.”

  20. caol says:

    I think – no wait I know that there are more important things in the world than the Kardashians story… Who cares get a life…. really. The only sane one in that family was Bruce – oh by the way Bruce good luck!!

  21. captain ern says:

    you aint nothing but a hound dog
    you cryin all the time………..

  22. Eaine says:

    I felt in that episode when Bruce was having a one on one with Kris that she was trying to turn it around and make it about her, so the viewers would see it as “poor Kris” Sorry but I have ALWASY been team Bruce since this whole show started. I always thought Kris begged for more attention then any of them and I always felt sorry for Bruce

  23. texanchick says:

    My thoughts are who cares any more I am so sick of the Kardashians. I wish they all would just go away.

  24. Fred Garvin says:

    Yawn. So sick of those piles of human excrement. Someone please pull the handle and flush.

  25. Jennifer says:

    She cries all the time because the attention isn’t on her anymore and she can’t handle it.

  26. Maddy says:

    Any woman who has been through this knows that it feels like a death of dreams. Do research at groups that assist these women like Straight Spouse Network and learn how devastating this can be before you judge her reactions. Their web site is:

  27. Maddy says:

    Kris may be feeling it

  28. Karen says:

    It’s always about Kris. Grow up!

  29. P. M. Dersam says:

    Who really cares? I don’t respond nor do I rarely read anything that has to do with this family but I couldn’t help myself this time. What is going on is happening to Bruce Jenner not Kris K. I believe it’s her way of keeping the spot light on her and the Kardashians – like I said who cares if she is crying all of the time! I wish him the best in his transition to becoming who he really needs to be. Kris K. or Jenner or whatever, needs to put on her big girl panties and let Mr. Jenner be who is needs to be. Like I said, it’s happening to him not to her – maybe she is going through the change and needs hormone therapy. That’s all I have to say.

    • Donna says:

      I have to agree with you, P.M. Dersam. I could care less about that whole messed up family…and I DO mean MESSED UP! At first, I thought he was only doing this for publicity or the show. But, after watching that interview, it made me sick. It is has always been puzzling to me how someone could want to change their gender. Kris thought she married a man for 25 years or so. What a whack job. Bruce, I mean. He’s an Olympic gold medal winner. Been married at least three times, I think, counting Kris. Whatever. I never watched that show, because from what I’ve been reading in the posts here, and from what little I have seen of them, they all seem like idiots. I don’t watch reality TV, because it’s not reality.

  30. Robert Cross says:

    I don’t think this C*NT could cry unless it was for a buck, and even if it was remotely true, she would be crying over not getting money for doing unthinkable tasks. I swear that if any female in that family stood in front of me in naked form, I would punch her before caressing her. LOL!

  31. michelle campbell says:

    She cries all the way to the bank……

  32. corey says:

    Bahahahahahaaha, she just realized how bad of a wife she was to drive him to this extreme. Now it wont be about her it will be about the FREAK! It wont be the Kardashian show any more it will be the He/she Jenner show. tune in this week to see which daughters clothes it will be wearing…or next week.. will Bubba like its new look while he does time in jail…. could be a case of the “echo butt” syndrome….bahahahahahaha =0)

  33. jks says:

    She would have to make this about her! What a skank!!

  34. Larry says:

    Why is it always about Kris, get the hell over yourself there is no way you was married to this man for 20+ years and have no ideal. I so tired of hearing about poor Kris, Kris, Kris please. This is about Bruce and she can not stand that he is the center of attention. All I can say is good for Bruce I give her all the support she needs at this time of transtioning. and to the K Klan bye ladies bye.

  35. AMJ says:

    In the dissolution of any marriage, there are times after the divorce of incredible emotional pain. For all the years spent giving to another person, and loving them, only to have them abandon their vows, takes much time to get through. Whatever her other motivations may be, she is still a human being struggling with that process. Crying all the time is not abnormal for people that have gone through a divorce. Even though they try to “move on” in other ways, that pain will surface, especially being in the presence of the their former spouse. Bruce lied to himself, three women, and all of his children. That is not a good legacy. He did not unselfishly spare them emotional hurt. He is no hero.

    • Layla says:

      It was never a real marriage anyway, it was about money for Mama Kris, did you ever see her car pool? How about the constant disrespect, lying to Bruce about going to the pervert’s Mexican hideaway..with the older girls..then he shows up angry, another sneaky lie, Buying the young Kendall a puppy and hiding it from Bruce while she parties it up in Vegas acting like a 21yr drunk all the way…no tell the truth now Bruce, that’s the most important thing is honesty! give me a break, how about when Lamar Odom decided he didn’t want to play ball with Kris, then he gets pulled over and jailed so she could start spinning the Lamar has a problem story before the cheating rumors were about to be exposed…Mama Kris (maybe) very likely since they track their vehicles at all time (hence) Kanye…may want to have that gps removed from all of your cars, ( you know ) the one you don’t know about yet…it’s there, you may be next! Don’t anger Mama Kris, you better put North in their dying reality show, she is showing up little by little anyway due to Kim, she is just like Mama Bear, don’t piss her off…

  36. Chris says:

    Kris is a narcissistic b!tch who will pimp out anyone for a buck. I have zero sympathy for her.

  37. wiscatlvr says:

    My thought all along has been that the only reason she’s crying is that she can’t cash in on this and make more $$. The whole clan is nuttier than a hazelbush. So sick of hearing about them every time I turn on the tv or the computer.

  38. GailyC says:

    The only reason she’s crying is that she cannot control it and he/she will be out of the picture in pretty short order. She chose to deal with something that is extremely personal on cable TV. Had it been me, it would have come to no real surprise and even thought I would have been heart broken, I would have known that it would have been the best for everyone concerned. The person I feel for is Bruce ~ having had dealt with that clan for as long as he did and now coming face to face with his own revelations. Kris is trying to make this about Kris and the girls.

    • LAURA says:

      Bruce had a breakdown or break thru….imagine living with such a angry rager daily, self absorbed Kris and her loud obnoxious foul mouthed daughters…

  39. Geo says:

    The thing is, since their life is an open book, you don’t know whether she is sincere or if it is a publicity stunt. If he really wants to be a woman, that’s pretty sad in itself.

  40. yogi b says:

    I watched Kris Jenner the Jenner and Kardashian children..and of course I do empathize with them in their pain. This can be difficult for any family..especially as a woman who is gorgeous and just loves being a woman in every sense of the word. , I can see her (Kris) questioning herself and what she may have done wrong in their relationship not understanding that its not about her..its about him and what he wants to do in his life and the struggle that he has within it wasnt easy for him either (not that I think its right).I dont believe shes doing this for money..she has money and alot of it. I think we have to be kind and gentle with the words we speak in dealing with this very delicate situation for all who’s involved..let’s make sure our words are seasoned with love and not to beat up on them while dealing with this event in their lives…I wish them all the very best

    • LAURA says:

      Sounds like Kris is speaking here..

    • Kristi says:

      Gorgeous lol! no doubt its Kris or Kim writing this stuff…Gorgeous…Kim talking here, she is in her 60’s, that’s fine my Mom is too, however, she is not trying to dress like me, or my 2 sisters, always has her Jackie O forever classic look….that’s true class…

  41. reyna says:

    boohoo… the attention is not on me.. boo hoo… he is getting more camera time then I am boo hooo the KWTK will lose some ratings to follow him. Boohoo. what ever! get over yourself. At what point are they going to start paying Ray J royalties for making them all famous for having sex with that skank Kim. Some might say well no they were famous because of Robert Kardashian well true.. but then one might say they should pay something to the family of Nicole Brown or perhaps put some money towards a battered woman foundation. Because if not for the OJ trial we would not have known him either.
    mic drops Im out~

  42. Shoshana says:

    Kim’s face is the same crying or smiling, like the Joker..
    no more surgeries, you look like you are overly botoxed and overly filled, and the big ass lips and blue Kylie exstentions.. You look 45 yrs old now, trying to stay cool, face it, you are a typical Calabasas soccer Mom. Look at the girl from the Hills, she was a young woman who overnight aged 20 for older woman appear the same as full plastic surgery for young women 60 or 30……everyone ends up looking 45, whether they are or not, Not only did your Armenian looks disappear with your latest face lift, nose job and chin implant, where did your forehead hair go,and your Dads orginal color you once had? not talking about the spray tan either.. You look, speak and lie the same way that your Mom does..The fact that you and the family talk about truth and honesty so much, why don’t you try it. it crazy to watch the constant contradictions, the plots to lay your next story line down to make Mama Kris or whatever family member is in trouble at the time up look innocent, I am happy that Burt, Cassie, Brandon & Brody got their Dad back, as short lived as it will be…Selfish Bruce, or maybe he had a mental breakdown from his rager of a wife…we all watched it Kris, the camera doesn’t lie as your well prompted daughters say..He had to beg for his own ATM card, while she buys a 5000.00 dress and a pimped out Bentley….that would send any sane person over the edge…how about the Gun story lol…what a crock…Mama Kris had a gun all along…lies, lies, lies..

  43. Haisha says:

    We all know that she is faking it. This woman loves attention.

  44. Creesh Willis says:

    Everything we do in life is a choice. If I had a secret desire to do and be something else or someone else,I would not wait. We all have the right to the pursuit of happiness, but not all of us go for it, sorry he waited so long to make the decision, probably would have been best while he was in between wives and not making more kids. My heart really breaks for the sons he lost time with and now they have to deal with the questioning of why?(weren’t u there, had more kids, remarried, left them). He may even run the risk of losing a close relationship with Kylie, who needs a dads guidance like never before, because when it’s over with her much older boyfriend watch that storm, and who is it gonna be Caitlyn or Bruce guiding her? Are we to act like Bruce Jenner is no more? Wouldn’t that make him knoll in void? Who is supposed to be the dad now?

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