Kim Richards Wedding Drama: Brooke Brinson’s Mother Is Reportedly ‘Missing’

June 1, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Kim Richards’ wedding drama is making headlines. According to several sources, Kim Richards made a fool of herself at Brooke Brinson’s wedding, she got drunk and insulted her family and her in-laws, allegedly, of course. It is claimed that Richards has been missing since her daughter’s Mexican wedding ceremony.

Kim Richard Wedding

Kim Richards‘ wedding disaster has angered her entire family to the point that they have stopped talking to her. Over the weekend, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars – Kim Richards, Kyle Richards, their sister Kathy Hilton – along with Paris and Nicky Hilton all flew to Mexico to attend Brooke Brinson‘s wedding.

Thayer Wiederhorn, a Fatburger’s heir, wed Brooke Brinson for the second time in a lavish wedding ceremony in Cabo San Lucas. Kim Richards, who is currently in rehab in California, was accompanied to the wedding by her sober coach.

According to several insiders, it was useless having a coach nearby because he was unable to control Richards. The reality TV star, who is battling depression, alcohol, drug and prescription pill addictions, was off the wagon during the entire trip.

Richards got drunk, fought with her daughter and as if that was not enough she insulted her son-in-law and his family. The source claimed that Brinson made it clear that she was done with her mother for ruining her wedding day. The person revealed that since the wedding, Kim Richards has vanished and failed to return to the rehab facility.

TMZ caught up with Kyle Richards, who revealed that she has no idea where Kim Richards is and has not spoken to her since the wedding debacle. The mother of four is not helping herself by skipping rehab and might even end up in jail.

In April, after getting arrested at The Beverly Hills Hotel and allegedly getting into a drunken fight with a police officer, the 50-year-old called Dr. Phil for help. She told him at the time:

“I’m beating myself up over this, I poured a drink of vodka, and I thought, “Oh my God, what have I done?. I’ve been sober for three years”?’ the doctor asked her, not giving into her excuses.”

She added:

“I did have drinks a couple other times over the past few months. It was wine. I was ashamed to say anything at the reunion, embarrassed. I would have loved to say to the girls, ‘You know what, you’re right,’ but the way they were coming at me, they didn’t make it easy.”

Kim Richards might get fired from the series if she does not get her act together.

What are your thoughts on Kim Richards’ wedding drama?

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  1. Gregory says:

    She is drunk in a bar somewhere in San Diego.

  2. Mimi says:

    Kim is NOT missing. Kathy Hilton and her hubby are footing her expenses. Kyle didn’t seem worried. It’s all for publicity and probably a TV show.

    • Oliver says:

      I agree, Kim is not missing, she is in none of the pictures and I smell fake drama for TV ratings. These celebs will do anything to make more money and we shouldn’t fall for some of those tricks

  3. Ed says:

    We should be that lucky. Be on the look out for the new BRAVO series:
    “The Search for Kim Richards”.

  4. dexter Pie says:

    At the core of Kim’s problem is that she is not a nice person. She is very mean and nasty without drugs or booze. Without drugs or booze she is an imperious, obnoxious, self entitled selfish brat. She cares only about herself. She is human so on some level she loves her children, but they are more objects or possessions to her to make her feel better about herself. She knows she has been a terrible mother and that hurts her, but she sees her bright attractive kids and excuses herself because SHE did the great job raising them, when in fact they are who they are in spite of her. Except for the mental issues and drug problems the kids have – 100% her. Imagine, her son has serious drug issues, and she pops pills and gets high in front of him. She probably gets high with him. She probably scores dope off him. She was never there for her kids. And when she does show up she destroys the happiness with her vile angry hatred. Regardless of addiction, Kim is an asshole.

    • coco says:

      Do you know them personally??? If not, please don’t comment unless you have walked in their shoes. She is a sick person who is running away from her issues and is very lucky to have the money to solve them but chooses not to. The future does not look too bright for her if she continues on this path. It’s going to be very devastating to watch.

    • dixie pie says:

      Who ever said her son has a drug problem? I have never read that and I have read several articles involving Kim since I watch RHOBH and grew up watching Kim in movies and TV.

      Her son is bipolar. He had a breakdown. Sadly someone close to me had the same thing happen to them. Bipolar is no joke although the media and society make it joke.

      It is a chemical imbalance and it can happen to anyone at anytime. The person close to me never had an issue until they were 18. Good student, athlete, no trouble ever. When they had their breakdown I thought they were high as a kite but they had never done drugs before as far as I knew. I figured they had a bad reaction to something as I had never seen anything like this. They were delusional, not making sense when talking, seeing family members who were not there and talking to them. When they were hospitalized a toxicology test was done and they had no drugs or alcohol in their system. Within days at the hospital their mind was so gone they did not know their name or how to feed themselves. It was awful. People who didn’t know the facts or know the results of the toxicology reports thought this person had starting doing drugs. NOT TRUE AT ALL. When I asked the Dr’s they said this happens more than people realize and most times it has nothing to do with drugs or alcohol.

      So unless you are a family member and know the facts for sure you should not say her son is on drugs or that she is doing them with him. The only thing that I have ever seen is it was confirmed he was bipolar. Shame shame shame on you. Maybe get a book and learn about what a bipolar person goes through.

      • frosty says:

        Agreed.. too many people are willing to judge others. My goodness, this poor woman has enough on her plate, nevermind judgements and her addiction. There are MANY who can identify with what Kim is going through, and wish her well. My only hope is that she is fine, not harmed and on the way to recovery. I posted on Kyle’s facebook page, asking if the authorities were involved to try to find her. I sure hope this isn’t a marketing ploy for RHOBH. Kim… life does go on, and you can get better. Let no one judge you

  5. Pam says:

    I watch RHOBH and think the show would improve without Kim Richards. I’m always bored when they show her story line, same old,same old story. She is drunk and yelling at some other lady and lie threw her teeth.

  6. Sarah says:

    Loved the colors of the bridemaide dress, I’m getting married in December to a great guy and I m going all pikn too. With less cleavage cuz it’s Jewish ceremony.

  7. frosty says:

    Nothing like kicking someone when they’re down. Really!?!?!? Kim and Kyle’s family issues shouldn’t even be discussed at this point ….. the fact remains, this woman, in a frail state of mind, is missing… in Mexico!… What I don’t understand, is why there are no reports that the police are involved to try to find her?? I would hate to see ANYONE hurt, and we all know Kim has her share of crosses to bare, but wait… she’s missing for over a week and no media coverage about how officials are trying to find her?!?!?!? Are you kidding me!?!?!? This is either a cover up or a very poor excuse for a promo for RHOBH… there are people who are genuinely concerned for her well being

  8. Terazza says:

    I am so sick of this poor excuse of a mother, sister, has been, and all out mess of a person. ENOUGH already. WHO cares if she’s missing or not! She’s a drunk who can’t get her act together and to attack her own daughter and her new son-in-law at the second wedding is beyond belief. She needs to be gone from RHOBH because she is making an ass of herself in front of millions of people and everyone is sick of her dumb life. GET RID OF HER. We no longer have sympathy for her because she lied on the Dr. Phil show about only drinking once….she’s a joke.

    • frosty says:

      Whoa… hold on…. the woman is sick, she has a disease… who knows what she went through, for heaven’s sake, she was the bread winner for decades in her family, That’s alot of pressure on a child. Did she do anything to YOU personally?? Then why the harsh words. Haven’t YOU made mistakes in life?!!? The woman is MISSING… have some empathy, don’t be so cruel and judgemental…

      • Terazza says:

        Oh grow up and stop being such an idiot about this situation. You are delusional as well.

        • frosty says:

          and there it is… judging me without even knowing me. Your response speaks volumes. May others be kinder to you than you are to them

  9. Harry skip Sally says:

    That woman has constantly been an emabarsement to her family and the show. Why is she still on Bravo anyway? That day when she was locked in the bathroom I thought she would have finally come to the realization that she needed real help. How can she do that to her own daughter on her wedding day? Same Kime shame on you.

  10. Diana says:

    Kim is a luxury spa in Los Angeles laughing her butt off right now.

  11. Frank says:

    Drunk as a skunk that is Kim Richards. Lol

  12. frosty says:

    Not one of us have gone thru life an not have a bad time. Lighthen up, walk a mile in Kims’ shoes. Don’t wish others bad because you’re miserable, like the old hag Terezza.. The woman needs help. wish her well, your lives at this point are better, Wish others well, instead of being a mieerable old hag like Terazza

  13. Justine says:

    Brandi needs to get help also. Kyle is right to move on with her life, that poor woman did all that she could to help sister.

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