Kim Kardashian Weight Gain God: Kanye West Wife Blames God For Pregnancy Weight Gain

December 10, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A Kim Kardashian weight gain is God’s fault. In a new interview, Kardashian has revealed that God is to be blamed for her massive pregnancy weight gain.

Kim Kardashian Weight Gain God

While most people tend to blame Satan for the bad things that happen to them, Kim Kardashian has decided to call out God for her pregnancy weight gain.

In a new interview with Elle UK, Kardashian revealed that she worked very hard to be in shape and was; therefore, a a bit angry to see how big she had gotten, when she was around 5 months pregnant with her daughter North West.

Mrs Kanye West claimed that she felt so fat that she told herself that she was never getting pregnant again. The reality star said:

“I’m an Armenian girl, I have shape, and it turned out people liked that. That makes me feel good about myself and about other women for being so supportive. I am a confident woman, but I didn’t just arrive confident – it has built over the years and that is a big part of who I am now.”

Kim Kardashian went on to explain that God might have caused the weight gain in order to teach her a very important lesson. Mrs Kardashian West shared:

“I’d think God was doing this for a reason. He was saying: “Kim, you think you’re so hot, but look what I can do to you.” My body just went crazy. After five months I swore I’d never get pregnant again. I got so huge and it felt like someone had taken over my body.”

But after welcoming North, getting married and shedding off the pounds, Kardashian is hoping to have at least two more children. The Keeping up with the Kardashians star revealed that she is trying very hard to have another baby with Kanye West. Kim K. confessed:

“I want a boy and another girl; I want it to start happening straight away. I loved being part of a huge family – and I want that for North. We’d do IVF if nothing happens, but we both want to keep trying naturally. “

Along with the weight gain, God, Kim Kardashian also talked about how her father made her understand that beauty lies deep within and the fact that Kendall Jenner will be the most famous of them all.


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  1. Laura says:

    Blaming God, unreal. I guess that she blames God for her discussing lifestyle. The Kardashians could not live in the real world for they are so stupid and as for as Kim thinking she’s hot, NOT’ people laugh at her. She is one of the most trashy women’ not leaving out Miley Cyrus…………………

  2. Johnnie says:

    Kardashian, Kardashian we’re sick of them I don’t care if she burst.

  3. Megan says:

    Well… Kanye DOES refer to himself as “Yeezus” or “Black Jesus” so for her, the argument IS valid… Ha!!! No, I won’t bash her. Everyone else has that covered and wishing death on people just because they get on your nerves is kinda evil. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays, everyone!!! Whichever you prefer!

  4. karen says:

    Surely this is a joke

  5. J.R. says:

    I agree with you Laura, Justin Bieber needs to return to Canada with Kim under one arm and Miley Virus under the other.

  6. dana says:

    another over weight girl. believe me girls, size does matter.
    I would not touch that thing with a 10 foot pole.
    FAT is not the “in thing”.

  7. Marq says:

    How stupid of Mrs. West (Kim K.) to blame GOD for her weight. Its her free will that God gave us. Blaming God for her weight saying stupid things like this just pushes her further away from common sense on the Hollywood walk of fame…like she says she deserves to have a star….she is so Delusional & stupidity….and I use to like her, I guess the stupidity from Kanye West truly rubbed off on to her..

  8. oompah lompah says:

    I prefer little petite woman, not large beasts that I can’t get my arms around, Kim is a Hog !!

  9. Melinda says:

    Oh poor poor little Kimmy. Boo hoo hoo.

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