Kim Kardashian Visits Troops Gets Slammed: Kim K. Sexy Outfit Deemed Inappropriate For Troops Visit

December 2, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Kim Kardashian visits troops in Abu Dhabi and is slammed for being a classless person who can not stop showing off her famous butt. While promoting her new perfume in the United Arab Emirates, Kardashian decided to make a surprise visit to the U.S. troops at Port Khalifa, where she posed for selfies, climbed on a tank and kissed a member of the military.

kim kardashian visits troops pics

Kim Kardashian visits troops for Thanksgiving and she gets blasted for her outfit, for taking selfies and for being disrespectful.

On November 24th, Kim was in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to promote her latest perfume called “Fleur Fatale,” when she decided to make a surprise visit to the the U.S. troops stationed in Abu Dhabi.

Mrs Kim Kardashian West selected a pair of skin tone pants and matching tank top, which she layered with a military/kaki shirt. Kardashian finished the look with her long black hair cascading on her shoulders, bold red lipstick and an inappropriate pair of stilettos that made it hard for her to walk around.

The mother of one shared several pictures on her Instagram account to make sure her good deed did not go unnoticed. In one photo, Mrs Kanye West can be seen kissing a Navy Sailor whose last name is Stickler.

The sailor appeared very happy to receive the smooch from the famous television personality. Kardashian, who was seen partying in some of the country’s hottest nightclubs prior to the visit, captioned the photo:

“Kisses to the troops! Thank you for all you do! Was an honor to meet you all.”

The Keeping Up With The Kardashian star was also friendly with the ladies. She unveiled a photograph next to a female officer named Lee who seemed very happy to meet the star. North West‘s hot mama wrote underneath:

“When I was in Abu Dhabi I stopped by the USS San Diego navy ship to meet the troops. Had the best time seeing everyone.”

In numerous other pictures, Kim Kardashian looked focus as she toured the USS San Diego in Dubai and discovered the various fighter jets, helicopters and tanks on board.

The self-proclaimed queen of selfies, with the help of few servicemen was able to climb on a tank where she snapped the ultimate patriotic selfie. Her caption was simple and clear:

“Of course I need a selfie!!!!”

It is reported that she spent an entire afternoon talking and thanking the troops for their service. But after posting the photos, a majority of comments read:

Classless Kim Kardashian visits troops in Abu Dhabi and shows off her butt in inappropriate attire. One person demanded, who ever organized to the visit, should be fired.

Another individual went as far as saying that ISIS saw Kim Kardashian’s giant posterior and fled. Several people wanted to know, why did President Obama let a woman in a giant diaper take selfies with members of the military.

But there was at least one person who defended the star:

Kim Kardashian visits troops, is slammed while Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor who lead scandalous lives were applauded, what is wrong with people?

Kim Kardashian visits troops and continues to be charitable by attending the Elizabeth Taylor Foundation/World AIDS Day at The Abbey in West Hollywood with Kris Jenner.


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  1. Mguzman says:

    She is classless and no doubt has to sense of style so should be best buds with that Courtney Sodden or whatever her last name is….these two seem to have the same taste……..

  2. Melinda says:

    What the hell, Kim? When you first came on the scene, you seemed nice, albeit INCREDIBLY shallow. Now, you’re making Lady Gaga cringe at your antics. If you’re still trying to shock the internet, take a picture of yourself reading a novel. That’ll break it in no time!! And for the love of Pete, BURN YOUR WARDROBE!!!

    • d.kerk says:

      “If you’re still trying to shock the internet, take a picture of yourself reading a novel” best comment ever. thank you for that laugh

      • Carol says:

        Taking a picture of her reading a novel would assume that she can read! Everything that she does is inappropriate. This woman and her family don’t have a clue to what happens in the real world. This family is the most self centered people on the planet. Ugh!

      • Melinda says:

        I aim to please! Especially when it involves bashing the Kardashians.

  3. Melinda says:

    Also Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor were stars who pretty much earned their titles. Kim sued her way into her fame.

  4. Lisa says:

    She is a highly publicized hooker. She can’t sing or act so maybe they provided her a pole to swing off of.

  5. jhoover says:

    She is classless no doubt. She is the most shallow self centered egotistical h-e that walked this world. Who the hell blew her ego up is beyond me. She certainly would have to take a selfie only self center person would publish a book of selfies and charge people for it she would have to pay me triple that to even pick it up. I would not buy or read anything about the h-es. Media just constantly bombard us with the shit about her. We all say the same thing WGAF about her and her trashy family. Media bombards us everyday with crap about her publicist must work triple time to get her mug on everything and think of schemes to get her mug out there to even saying she wants to break the internet she could with that as- of hers it is huge enough-did anyone tell her it is not attractive it is gross!

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