Kim Kardashian Rob Cutout: Cardboard Cutout Of Rob Kardashian Goes Armenia

April 16, 2015 | By TheSpreadit More

Kim Kardashian’s Rob cutout has people talking in a big way. Kanye West’s wife, who recently visited Armenia with her family, did not want to forget her younger brother, Rob Kardashian, so she brought a cardboard cutout version of him along for the trip.

Kim Kardashian Armenia

Kim Kardashian‘s Rob cutout is the latest attention-seeking move to come from the reality TV star. Kim Kardashian went for a very publicized stroll in Yerevan, Armenia on Sunday, and the photos have gone viral. Since her estranged brother, Rob Kardashian, opted to stay in America and skipped the symbolic family trip, the 34-year-old mother of one took a cardboard cutout version of him to the Eurasian country.

As with anything Kardashian-related, cameras caught Kim’s every move. North West‘s mom wore high-waisted silk pants and a tight top that was screaming for attention. While some may say that the move was all about grabbing headlines, people in the Kardashian camp are adamant, Kim was sincere and was just trying to do something nice for her brother. A source told Us Weekly:

“Kim wanted Rob to come and experience Armenia. But he wasn’t up for it.”

This kind gesture comes weeks after Rob Kardashian compared his sister to the “bitch from Gone Girl” on the photo-sharing site Instagram. The controversial upload was later deleted.

Kim Kardashian’s Rob cutout also comes just days after an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired, in which she urges their mother, Kris Jenner, to cut him off financially. She said in the installment:

“Everyone licks Rob’s ass and does whatever he says. And it’s just at some point, you just have to give it up!”

She added:

“We all make [Rob’s] life so easy. ‘Okay, we’ll drive you around with a chauffeur so no one has to look at you!’ We had a chef on standby, a trainer. ‘We’ll send people to run out and buy you socks and underwear!’ Like, this is pathetic!”

Most commentators believe that Kim Kardashian’s Rob cutout was all about getting the media’s attention and nothing else. They also say that it may damage their relationship even further. The Kardashian family is in Armenia for the centennial of the Armenian Genocide, politicians in the country have praised them for bringing attention to this portion of history.

What are your thoughts on Rob’s situation? Did Kim use the cardboard cutout for attention?


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