Kid destroys LEGO sculpture at China expo

June 2, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Kid destroys LEGO sculpture and the artist, who spent days building it, is not angry. It took Zhao more than three days to create the 15-20,000 dollar sculpture of Nick Wilde, the fox from Zootopia, and a child destroyed it in minutes the first day it was exposed at a museum of the LEGO Expo in Ningbo, China.

Kid destroys LEGO sculpture

Kid smashed a LEGO sculpture that is valued at close to 20,000 USD, and believe it or not, Zhao, the artist behind the creation, is not upset. This week, the LEGO Expo opened in Ningbo, China, and it featured a giant sculpture figure of Nick Wilde, the fox from the animated movie Zootopia.

Before the opening of the expo, Zhao shared a picture of himself next to the life-size sculpture. The man explained that it took him more than three days to complete, and he stated that it cost more than 100,000 yuan, which equals about 15,170 in United States dollars – but some experts valued it at $20,000.

He went on to explain that he was supposed to take longer to complete the masterpiece, but was forced to rush and get it done in time for the exhibit’s opening. According to multiple reports, despite the huge sign that clearly stated that the piece should not be touched, a little boy, whose name has not been revealed, decided to go against the rules.

The expo was opened for less than an hour when the child caused the figure to come crashing down into pieces. Via social media, Zhao said:

“I wasn’t too angry about the incident, a child couldn’t really comprehend the cost of such an accident and that the Wanda employees hadn’t been careful enough, so they too were partially to blame. I am heartbroken about seeing my hard work resorted to a bunch of Lego bricks on the floor.”

He refused to elaborate on what had happened because he wanted to protect the child. It has been confirmed that Zhao refused an offer of compensation from the parents of the boy, who broke his sculpture, and accepted their apology.

Last month, a similar incident took place at the Shanghai Museum of Glass. According to reports:

“Two young boys were caught on security cameras entering a restricted display area and breaking off the wings of a glass angel sculpture by Chinese artist, Shelly Xue. The boys were chaperoned by two adults who not only stood by and watched the boys wreak havoc, but also whipped out their phones to film the boys.”

After the footage of the glass incident had gone, thousands asked parents to do a better job raising their children and also for galleries to ban kids from entering.


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  1. ash boost says:

    Punch his fuking head in .In front of the parents.
    Parents are so caught up in there kids they forget how to be parents.
    Always like use them as crutches and it s always about the kids.I would of slapped the little shit for all to see.

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