Kevin Adorno: Man Killed On Way To Propose To GF

September 4, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Kevin Adorno

Kevin Adorno, was killed in a McDonald’s restaurant by a crazed homeless man who thought, he was calling imaginary people to come and attack him. Adorno had decided to ride his bike from Wye Mills, Maryland to Miami, Florida to propose to his girlfriend. Adorno will be missed by a long list of people and animals.

Kevin Adorno was a very adventurous man who loved dogs, cats, enjoyed snowboarding, kayaking and being with his large group of friends.

It did not surprise any of them when he decided on August 19th to go on an epic bike ride. Adorno had planned to ride over 1,109 miles from Wye Mills, Maryland to Miami, Florida.

The Connecticut man was on two missions, complete the trip because it was on his bucket list and arrive in time to propose to the love of his life, according to Examiner.

Mr Adorno who was the founder and owner Bevy Promotions & Media, shared dozens of photos of his road trip on Facebook.

The man who recently celebrated his 28 birthday made stops in North Carolina, where he enjoyed the architecture and in South Carolina where he spent time with local folks and camped out in a forest.

While in Georgia, he opted to go for a swim in a beautiful beach. And finally on August 30th he arrived in Florida.

On September 1st, Adorno who was just 140 miles from his final destination made a stop at a McDonald’s restaurant in Vero Beach.

At around 9:30 PM, as he was on the phone talking to his girlfriend Elyse, an insane homeless man by the name of Rene Herrera Cruz, approached and stabbed him several times in the chest and in the arm.

Medical first responders rapidly arrived on the scene but Adorno died in the eatery, according to a press release issued by the Vero Beach Police Department.

The 59-year-old man fled from the scene of the crime and went to a nearby Burger King, where he tried to dispose of the knife and bloody shirt.

But he was rapidly apprehended by the authorities and charged with first degree murder. The mentally ill man told the cops that he killed Kevin Adorno because he believed that he was on his cell phone calling people who had plans to harm him.

Few days before stabbing Kevin Adorno to death, Cruz had called 911 and told the operator that he needed protection because there were mysterious people out to get him.

Witnesses and the graphic designer’s girlfriend said that he never spoke to Cruz and never attempted to physically or verbally assault him.

An engagement ring was discovered in one of Adorno’s pockets.

Many of Kevin Adorno’s friends took to Facebook to share memories of the man who lived his life by the RAGE motto, Roll Hard Or Go Home.


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