Kendall Jones, Cheerleader’s Photos Banned

July 2, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Kendall Jones  Slammed For Photos With Dead Exotic Animals

Kendall Jones, the cheerleader slammed for photos with dead exotic animals is heating up the web. The story of Kendall Jones the cheerleader from Texas who is being hit right and left for pictures with dead exotic animals on her Facebook page has gone viral causing her to receive death treats.
The 19-year-old has shared hundreds of pictures of herself next to exotic animals such as a cape buffalo, a blesbuck, a common reedbuck and a caraccal that she has killed during her many trips to Africa.

Almost 200,000 animal lovers who are outraged by the pics of Kendall Jones have signed a petition demanding that she be banned from Facebook. The young hunter has also received death threats, but that has not stopped her from announcing that she will be having her own reality show focusing on her passion for killing animals. Kendall Jones has also defended herself by claiming that her adventures made the people of Zimbabwe over 160k.

Update:Facebook has removed the teen’s controversial hunting photos of dead leopards, lions, blesbucks and other rare species after the petition received almost 300,000 signatures on July 4th.

Facebook issued a brief statement on why it deleted Kendall Jones’controversial pictures with dead African animals:

‘Reported content that promotes poaching of endangered species, the sale of animals for organized fight or content that includes extreme acts of animal abuse’.

Kendall Jones has received some harsh comments for the numerous photos on her Facebook page where she can be seen next to animals that she happily killed in Africa.

Miss Jones has posed with the carcases of blesbucks, lions, elephants, kudus, leopards while bragging about how great of a hunter she is .

The Texas Tech student does not spared rare and endangered species liked the black and white rhinoceros when she is hunting.

The teenage huntress confessed on the social networking site that she took her first hunting trip to Zimbabwe when she was just 13 years of age and killed a white rhinoceros with a .416 Remington.

Jones went on to explain that first kill has lead to many trips to the African nation to take part in trophy hunting where she and her dad Cody were paid by sponsors.

The blonde cheerleader has been slammed with comments like monstrous human, disturbed person, a fool promoting animal cruelty and idiot with money for the photos with dead exotic animals.

And she is defending herself via her manager, Jones explained that she is helping the countries not hurting them.

The hunting tourist has spent over $160,000 in fees for permits, tags and licenses in Zimbabwe and South Africa – which she believes is beneficial to the people of those countries.

According to her manager she has received a handful of death threats and has alerted authorities.

Starting January of 2015 Kendall Jones will have her own reality show where viewers can follow her as she hunts for fun.

Meanwhile a petition asking that Mark Zuckerberg removes Kendall’s Facebook page has over 160,000 signers.


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