Kendall Jenner Hits Kris Over Alone Time In Viral ‘Keeping Up with The Kardashians’ Clip

June 5, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Kendall Jenner asked Kris Jenner to leave her alone in a recent episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashians. Helicopter mother and manager Kris Jenner followed daughter, Kendall Jenner, all the way to Paris, thinking that she needed to talk about Bruce Jenner’s transitioning to Caitlyn Jenner, and she was turned away and asked to butt out.

kendall jenner kris alone

Kendall Jenner tells Kris Jenner to leave her alone because she finds her mother “annoying.” Last week, on Keeping Up with The Kardashians, Kris Jenner flew to La Ville Lumière better known as Paris to be supportive of her daughter, Kendall Jenner, who had landed several modeling gigs at Fashion Week.

Kris revealed that one of the reasons, she went to France was to be present if the teenager needed to talk about one of the biggest events in her life – her father Bruce Jenner transitioning into Caitlyn Jenner.

However, Miss Jenner was not interested. As the mother and daughter sat for a candlelight dinner, sparks flew. Kendall Jenner visibly angry asked her mother:

“Why are you following me everywhere? You’re obsessed with me!”

Jenner added:

“That’s so weird to me, I’m dead serious that’s so annoying.”

She went on to explain that her trips abroad are the only times, she can be alone. Kris appeared to be embarrassed by the whole exchange and failed to answer her daughter when she asked, “why are you so emotionally needy like that?”

Kris Jenner later revealed on the show:

“I know [Bruce’s transition] must be really difficult for the kids – especially Kylie and Kendall – and I’m gonna be here just in case she needs somebody to talk to.”

As it turned out, Kendall Jenner is not having a tough time accepting Caitlyn Jenner in her life, au contraire, she and the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clans are proud of the former athlete. A source said:

“Kendall and Kylie think the name is cute and are just so thrilled their father loved a name so much, since this will be the identity for the rest of her life. Even the Kardashian girls love the name! Everyone is going to wonder why she didn’t spell it with a ‘K,’ but the name Caitlyn was a thing for Bruce before he even met Kris Jenner and the Kardashian family. She also thought spelling it with a ‘K’ would come off really cheesy.”

Kendall Jenner proudly tweeted after Caitlyn’s Vanity Fair cover surfaced. Some say that the mother-daughter “fight” was staged like everything else on the popular reality TV show.

What are your thoughts on Kendall Jenner’s exchange with her mom? Is everything fake about this family?

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  1. Creesh Willis says:

    I love Caitlyn she is beautiful and brave. Freedom is the best thing she could have done for herself. YOU GO GIRL

    • Tigdi says:

      Brave and courageous describes the wounded warriors; not Bruce Jenner.

      • Brent says:

        Tigdi; apparently you have never known a person who has gone through the surgeries, countless medical and psychological appointments, hormone therapies, and such to transition from one gender to another. Please do not take me wrong; I have nothing wrong with those who fight for our country. But these people are fighting a battle that people like you just don’t understand.

        • Troy says:

          Evidently not enough psychological appointments.

        • Army wife and mother says:

          So glad to hear you have “nothing wrong with those who fight for our country”. Let me just explain as an Army wife and mother of three soldiers…..people like Bruce Jenner and that is who HE will always be, will never understand what a TRUE battle is because they lack the ability to be sacrificial of SELF. What He did was SELFISH not SELFLESS, so you are correct….that is a battle SOLDIERS would never understand. What SOLDIERS do is all about being selfless so people like you and Bruce can be SELFISH and make a big to do about parading your issues for all. More people like TIGDI need to keep talking out about such ridiculousness Hollywood continues to portray as courage. This is not courage this is despair and very sad!

          • KRISTIE says:

            I agree with you. Of all the hardship all over the world this is what is getting everybody’s attention. We have homeless children, child abuse,
            war. There are police being killed for doing their job. Military being belittled for protecting everybody. I could go on and on about the important things that are going on the good people that just do it. And there is Bruce Jenner that is so so sad who wants to be a women. And he is so brave to wear women apparel. Get real. If he was so strong he would of done what he wanted to gone on with his life. But no, there are shows and magazine stories and pictures about his choice to live as a woman. Don’t understand where one persons choice is more important over so much more to bring attention to. Like, are military are fighting to perseve our life so we an live our lives in freedom but they only 2 meals a day. That is wrong. I am done venting but “bruce” is not that interesting to me.

        • Amanda says:

          OMG!!! this is ridiculous! people who do this to their bodies have self esteem issues! Get over yourself! Surgeries like these are not about being brave. It’s about wanting attention. Bruce Jenner does NOT deserve an award for adding tits to his chest and trying to look like a woman. Our soldiers are Brave and endure a lot of shit to protect us here in the USA! I bet if I added tits and did some other cosmetic surgeries, I wouldn’t be considered BRAVE!! GOD made each of us in his eyes. God doesn’t make mistakes. Pick up the BOOK (bible) if you are facing a battle inside. it will always see you through!!

          • Jada says:

            Courage comes in many forms. It could be argued that not all soldiers are courageous- I knew several boys who enlisted in the army just because they were eager to kill people. And Amanda, considering the fact that you just used the words “sh*t” and “tits” shortly before making references to the Bible says it all. I am the daughter of a soldier of 18 years, and he proudly supports Caitlyn Jenner in her endeavors. Neither of you know what it’s like to be a soldier OR a transgender, so why don’t we leave the judgment up to them? Also- in response to the whole God made us in his image thing, if you have ever gotten a haircut, shaved your legs, dyed your hair, gotten a tattoo, wore makeup, hair extensions, fake nails, etc. then I’d recommend you practice what you preach.

      • Jbar says:

        I totally agree with your Tigdi. Who cares about this “wanna be Kardashian girl”, Caitlyn? The media needs to celebrate the real Americans who are courageous, brave and honorable. Someone you can look up to. I think the media and public have given attention to what shouldn’t be this big of a deal. So tired of the Kardashians. I don’t care if he is a man or a woman, just quit talking about it media people and offering congratulations on changing his appearance but not his gender. Good God !

  2. Creesh Willis says:

    Please give Kris K a break she has had to manage a lot of emotions, and run her many business ventures. I think she is a amazing person who loves hard. Her helicopter mom thing keeps them all paid very well, that’s not fake.

    • GailyC says:

      Um, no. Mothers who pimp out their children get no respect from me. This woman goes wwaayy beyond stage mother. It’s creepy and revolting.

      • Andrea says:

        I totally agree! She may be their mother and manager, but my goodness Kris, get yourself a life and some friends your own age!!! You are the only manager around that has to be a constant 24/7 in their lives.

  3. Kitty White says:

    The girls are so hard on their mother. 

    • GailyC says:

      You’re kidding, right? Had it not been for mommy dearest and Kimmers’ sex tape, none of them would be doing anything.

      • Kels says:

        Preach!Actually the Kardashians should thank Ray J for releasing the tape. Otherwise, I’d know nothing about them.

  4. Daryll Cliwood says:

    @Kitty White yes they are..just disrespectful!!!…they would be NO WHERE without her!

    • Peaches says:

      I agree she has helped her daughters but in reality none of them would be famous if Ray J didnt screw Kim on that sex tape. And that is a fact. In other words Ray J,s Penis made them all famous.

    • Kitty White says:


  5. Peaches says:

    All the Kardashian girls are spoiled rotten and have no morals. She would not talk to me that way especially after I helped her modeling career. These women are too egotistic and over the top and Im afraid there day is coming, They need to humble themselves and stop thinking the world revolves around them. They dont care what people think of them because they think they are better. Cant stand this immoral family.

  6. GailyC says:

    The only thing that is real with this gang is they will lie, pay for, pretend, whatever to get their faces on any media they can. All a bunch of BS. This latest adventure really takes the cake.

  7. Cream says:

    Poor Kris Jenner, she has little going on right now, what will she do with her time, follow Kylie and Tyga to see what her underage is up to?

  8. KMCDESIGNER says:

    Here’s the thing, and as a parent of grown children, I can speak from experience. First of all….Kris seems to have her own obsessions about growing old…she seems to want to live thru her girls to feel younger. Secondly….A parent always needs to be needed by her children, however, a GOOD parent raises their children to learn to survive on their own and become independent. BUT…at what age does that occur? I think it comes when you see that your adult child is making wise, informed decisions. Before that point, an adult child needs “guidance” not smothering. JUST MY OPINION

  9. Ace says:

    Nevermind all of these other thoughts, if I would have dropped the “F” bomb on my mom, I would have been on the floor. I don’t care how rich and famous you are, you do not disrespect your mother.

  10. Trisha says:

    I don’t understand alot of things. If she wanted to be a woman for so long.. why get married to a woman for a third time and have kids? Why not live life as a single man? He marries Kris and he lays this on her. I can feel the panic of not knowing where she has a place. I think that is why Kris was driven. She wanted to take control of her life. She wanted to make sure she is financially secure. People want to bash her because she is not throwing a parade. Her world as she knew it is gone. Bruce is being hailed a hero and she is being treated like crap. He was the selfish one when he married her knowing that he wanted to be a woman.

    • Brent says:

      He got married for a third time and had kids because he was hiding his secret. It is just like gay men have girlfriends and vice versa. If he lived his life as a single man, he still wouldn’t feel correct since he identifies himself as a woman. Kris is being treated like crap? How so? She married a successful man who became known as a part of the OJ dream team and then she married a former Olympian who was an American icon during his prime. So how is Kris being hurt?

    • Jbar says:

      But he did not become a woman, did he? He still likes women (from what I have heard), he still has the male appendage, so he is a male who has gotten big boobs, big butt and cosmetic surgery so he can dress as slutty as the girls he helped raise (I assume he helped)-they sure did not learn how to respect their parent(s)sounds like not such a good job of raising kids. If I were Kris I would count my lucky stars to be out of the circus, or should I say maybe she can get out of the circus now that all of the attention is being taken by her ex husband.

      Have they no dignity?

  11. Joan says:

    Kendall should shout her mouth about her mother!!! If it weren’t for her mother she would be nowhere!!! She’s just another pretty face. There’s thousands of models out there. Respect your mother!!

  12. Troy says:

    It amazes me how many of you clueless people worship this clan and act as if they are your heroes and role models. These people are living in a fantasy world and deep down are feeling empty, even with all their money. They are all in need of psychological help.

  13. Kat says:

    Please stop saying this person (he/she ?) is courageous. This is a personal choice this person has made for himself. I suppose the vow of Husband and Father is well non-important. This person married (3) times has (6) children from the (3) wives and (4) step children….now the decision is to be Caitlyn. Why on earth do any of us need to know about it…just be…..with all that is going on in the world…the wars, natural disasters, people cannot feed their children, people dying in cruise ship disasters or heat in India…this person’s decision to “transform and play dress-up” well that is the most important thing on this earth right now. Can this person Caitlyn or whoever it is please get some dignity and class. At 65 years old, he/she should have the common-sense to understand how this effects his kids and to understand by this circus he is no way helping the “transgender” community…he is feeding all the stereotypes often unfairly associated with it and only making the whole thing look like a “staged” circus. Just stop the presses and shut up Caitlyn!

  14. Phyl says:

    I think Bruce aka Caitlyn is selfish. Bruce waited till he had children and grandchildren for this grand life finale. He stated that it is time he thinks about himself. That is something he should have done before Wife #!. Think of what’s going through their heads especially the grandbabies. . one day they have a granddad then next day, a grandma. This can be traumatic. The Jenner men want to blame Kris for Bruce’s neglect of them. No one can be blamed but Bruce. A real man will look after and care for his children regardless of the woman/women in his life. Kris may be over the top and Bruce/Caitlyn said she had been mean and at times it was evident on the show but could some of that anger come from the vibes she was getting from him since he really didn’t like being who he was. At times, she probably felt that she wasn’t what he needed and had no real reason why but he did and didn’t say. On the other hands, the girls except for maybe Kim have all been rude and cursed at their mom for one reason or other over the course of the shows. She’s allowed too much disrespect and it’s time to leave the little darlings to fend for themselves. She has enough $$ of hers and theirs for a lifetime. I’d be making and enjoying a good life for me and my rear would be all they would see for a good while or maybe forever. However, as a mom, that is a very tall order. They are your children but the disrespect would have to cease “yesterday!” Bruce/Caitlyn may look like a woman but he’s not because most women wouldn’t do that to their children!!

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