Keira Knightley Prom Photo Ban: Same-Sex Kiss With BFF Emily Lead To Keira Knightley Prom Drama

October 28, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Keira Knightley’s prom photo banned by school officials because of a same-sex kiss. In a new interview, Knightley revealed that she took a girl to her prom and school officials scolded them for their outfits and their disgusting make out session.

Keira Knightley Prom Photo Ban

Keira Knightley‘s prom photo banned by her teachers because she was wearing inappropriate clothes — and because her date was a girl! Before marrying, The Klaxons rocker, James Righton, Knightley was busy kissing girls.

Keira Knightley recently sat down for an interview with Vulture, where she revealed that she went to her prom with her best friend, Emily. Knightley explained that they reached over an hour late because she was busy filming Bend It Like Beckham, while Emily was on a modeling gig.

The pair made one hell of an entrance. Emily was dressed like a boy with black tie and torn jeans, while she sported her then-signature crop top, which revealed her stomach. The ladies were scolded by school officials for their taste in fashion. Keira Knightley told the magazine:

“And one of the teachers took us both aside and said we were never going to come to anything if we didn’t know how to dress appropriately for events like that.”

As the pair danced the night away, they started kissing like the other couples attending the event, but that did not sit well with the chaperons. Emily and Keira were told to stop kissing because what they were doing was disgusting.

So, why was Keira Knightley prom photo banned from being displayed like the rest of her classmates? Knightley shared that while she was allowed to take a picture, after teachers viewed it, they deemed it inappropriate and decided not to display it. The talented British star said:

“Our photograph, though, wasn’t allowed — you know when you get up and, I don’t know if this is in America, but you collect all the photographs of prom and you buy whatever ones you want. Ours wasn’t allowed to be displayed on that because it wasn’t appropriate.”

Despite the ban and the scolding she said that she had a great time. We hope someone in the media will unearth Emily and Keira Knightley’s ban prom photo for the world to see.


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