Kaylan Mahomes And Twin Sister Kyla Share Photo With Their Mother, Internet Asks ‘OK, So Who’s The Mom?’

February 7, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

OK, so who’s the mom? A simple question that millions of Internet users are asking themselves. Kaylan Mahomes recently shared a selfie featuring her mother and twin sister, Kyla, which has gone viral and has people all over the world from France to Nigeria trying to figure out, which of the three is the mother.

Which One Is The Mom

Which one is the mom? The answer to the question is below. On January 10, Kaylan Mahomes, a teenage girl from Indiana, shared a simple car selfie with her twin, Kyla, and their mother.

The three beautiful ladies looked relaxed, with perfectly styled hair as they stared at the camera. Miss Mahomes captioned the photo:

“Mom, twin and me.”

The picture sent the social media world into a real frenzy because the women appeared like they were triplets. The photo has picked up over 30,000 likes, and no one could figure out who was the mother with great certainty.

People in the Netherlands, France, the Bahamas, and Nigeria have been flooding Kaylan Mahomes’ twitter page to ask her to please answer the question and to compliment her and her lovely family. Here are few comments from people in awe of the beautiful trio:

“Shoutout to @Kaylan_17 she is a cool and humble person make sure to follow her.”

“Chile, when that damn black refuses in every way to crack! It just won’t budge. I still can’t figure out. Beautiful ladies.”

“Beautiful the 3 of yall deff need one.”

“Very Beautiful Family.”

“You all are beautiful and its hard to know who is mom…You all look like super stars!! <3"

“The twins got all the clout.”

“The left cuz she says mom, twin, and me.”

The mother and her daughters have become overnight celebrities, have done countless interviews with radio, international newspapers and will be on CNN’s Headline News in few minutes. So, which one is the mom? Kaylan Mahomes replied with – the one with the black blazer is the mother.?

What do you think of Kaylan Mahomes’ viral photo?

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