Katy Perry Bleached Eyebrows Picture Is Risky

June 19, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

Katy Perry Bleached Eyebrows

Katy Perry bleached eyebrows is something worth seeing. On Wednesday, the pop music superstar shared a new photo with her followers on Instagram where she can be seen sporting a new hairdo and bleached eyebrows.

In the bleached eyebrows pic, Katy Perry is also blinged out with oversized earrings and painted metallic nails. The “Roar” artist finished the look with pigtails bun.

The singer humbly captioned the picture with:


The crazy, sexy and cool new look instantly caught the attention of her fans and other internet users, with some praising her boldness and willingness to try new and unexpected things when it comes to style and fashion.

Others were quick to say that she is desperate for relevancy and that the look is a make-under. Miley Cyrus was one of the first major stars to try the bleached eyebrows thing, Kendall Jenner is also a big fan of what could become the next trend in fashion.

Some have suggested that Perry was maybe paying homage to Cyrus by adopting her look. The two music stars are at odds following a perceived diss during a live TV interview in Australia where John Mayer’s ex girlfriend suggested that the “Wrecking Ball” had a very promiscuous tongue.

Miley then hit back stating that Katy should be more worried about Mayer’s tongue, since the “Who Says” musician is a known womanizer.

Mayer and Perry have since separated and the “Dark Horse” artist is enjoying her single life.

Katy Perry who is currently embarked on her Prismatic World Tour had a very busy week. She announced the launch of her Metamorphosis Music label on Tuesday with her first signee being Ferras, a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles.

In a tweet, she shared her excitement about this new venture, she wrote:

Exciting times seem to bring exciting new looks. What do you think of the risky fashion statement?


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