Katherine Heigl Threat Husband: Heigl Used John Mayer To Get Josh Kelley To Marry Her

November 23, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A Katherine Heigl threat to her now-husband about leaving him for John Mayer, pushed the man to marry her. In a new interview, Heigl explained that she lied to Josh Kelley about having a fling with Mayer, which prompted him to propose.

Katherine Heigl Threat Husband

In State of Affairs, Katherine Heigl faces numerous terrorist threats, but in real life, she is the one using threats to turn a boyfriend into a husband.

Last week, Heigl was a guest on The Meredith Viera Show, where she confessed that she lied to Josh Kelley about dating John Mayer, which prompted him to commit.

Josh Kelley and Katherine Heigl met in 2005 after she was cast to play his love interest in the music video for “Only You.” Heigl, who was just friends with Mayer, said:

“Around the same time I met Josh, I also met John Mayer. John Mayer and I are from neighboring towns and knew some of the same people.My Josh had gone off on tour and was playing hard to get. So I didn’t know – are we a thing? Are we a couple?”

The mother of two went on to add:

“These musicians, they are competitive and jealous of each other. [So] over the phone, because he was on tour, I was like, “Josh, I’ve got to be honest. I just want to know where we stand because if not, I might try to pursue something with John”.

The fake threat worked because in 2009, Josh Kelley became Katherine Heigl’s husband and the couple has adopted two children together, Naleigh, 5, and 2-year-old Adalaide. Heigl did come clean at some point. She explained:

“I confessed probably a year into our marriage. I was like, “You got played!”

After the threat revelation, Heigl went on to speak about her reputation of being rude and hard to work with. Heigl, who has a long-running feud with Shonda Rhimes, said:

“I don’t have to think about it. I’m not a rude person.”

What are your thoughts Katherine Heigl’s threat to get herself a husband?


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  1. JML says:

    WELL… there are two ways to look at it. Either you are flattered with the fact that she wanted you so much or you look at it as a deceptive lie and it could become a pattern in the future. He evidently chose the first thought.

  2. Debra nadel says:

    Once a lying, manipulator, always a lying manipulator. You may as will put a cheater in with it, because that will come soon, if she doesn’t get her way.

  3. mo says:

    She sure is pretty~ different look from the rest of the pack(blonds)~I like her work~ but hey~ maybe shut up~ do your job and for god sake~shut up~There are reasons Hollyweird keeps her employed~humm!

    • jack sprat says:

      My opinion, it’s her inability to do just that that is the source of her tribulations. The woman seems constitutionally unable to examine her own behavior in the light of the reactions that it elicits. Boil it down, her response to other folks saying that she’s hard to work with is “No, I’m not.”

  4. mo says:

    Has anybody looked at this Pic above? really~Man it really makes a differants when “THE make up” artist take a day off!

  5. J Hagg says:

    These hoes ain’t loyal.

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