Katerina Netolicka Found Dead: L’Oreal, Prada Model Found Dead By Her Brother

November 18, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Katerina Netolicka found dead, family and friends are now looking for answers. Model Katerina Netolicka was found dead in her apartment in Czech Republic by her brother. Netolicka’s two dogs, also dead, were discovered near her body.

Katerina Netolicka found dead

Katerina Netolicka found dead in her bathroom by her brother, who also discovered the remains of her two beloved dogs. On Thursday, Katerina Netolicka’s brother became worried when his sister failed to answer her phone.

The brother rushed to Netolicka’s apartment located in Litvinov, Czech Republic and after knocking on the door for several minutes, he broke in. Inside, he found Katerina Netolicka’s dead body soaking in a bathtub.

The man stumbled on Netolicka’s two beloved dogs, also dead near her remains. As of this moment, the cause of death is not known, but several of Netolicka’s friends have spoken to local media, and they revealed that she had suffered from depression.

The 26-year-old model, who worked with L’Oreal and Prada, also had a had a history of self-harm. Netolicka started modeling ten years ago, and was also known for kickboxing. The top model won the Czech Championships last month. An insider said:

“One minute she was happy, ecstatic, and immediately afterwards falls into depression.”

While some of her pals believe that she committed suicide, a close family member said that is not true. Adrian Smrcka claims Katerina Netolicka was in a loving relationship with ice hockey player boyfriend, Jakub Petruzalek.

Petruzalek, 29, and Netolicka had been dating for more than five years and they were planning a wedding. Netolicka died in the home she shared with Petruzalek.

At the time of the death, Petruzalek was in Russia where he plays ice hockey for Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg. Smrcka said:

“I know she had stopped self-harming and was very happy with her boyfriend.Maybe she got a spasm after kickbox training, or maybe it was a stroke.I really don’t know what could have happened.The cause of death is at this moment unknown and we have requested an autopsy.”

According to some family members, Netolicka suffered a heart attack or may have been murdered during a home invasion gone terribly wrong. An autopsy has been ordered by Czech police.

Katerina Netolicka found dead, leaving many unanswered questions behind.


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  1. Shane says:

    Why would she kill her dogs then herself????Doesn’t sound right.

  2. Keith Loving says:

    He found her slumped in her bath alongside the dogs, which were also dead…

    I wonder if there was a gas in the air which suffocated all of them and deprived them of oxygen? I don’t know what else could have caused all of them to die? Perhaps she ate something and gave the left overs to her dogs? Maybe they all were poisoned by what they ate?

  3. Pat says:

    Must be depression that killed the dogs?

  4. Gimmeabreak says:

    Really?! She’s beautiful, a model and the face of Prada and Loreal and insanely rich but she’s depressed! Oh poor baby 🙁 she has such a hard hard life. I sure couldn’t live like that, no wonder she’s so depressed! I wonder how long she would’ve lasted in the normal world out here with us mortals having to work for a living and living pay check to pay check?!

    • Grandma Bennie says:

      Give ME a break! Clinical depression is real. It strikes any one, any time and money, fame, or looks have nothing to do with it. Go crawl back under your rock!

  5. lott says:

    first off, the brother had to break in to check on her. if a proper investigation is even done, they will determine the brothers point of entry and the possible point of entry of any burglars. how were the dogs killed and what was the state of the body while it was sitting in the bathtub? the family will never allow any kind of truth because the possibility of suicide will (god forbid) hurt the family “reputation”. to hell with any kind of social reputation, id be all for the truth no matter how much it hurt

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