Kate Upton Dons Bikini Top For Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Ad: How Do You Get The Look?

June 3, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Kate Upton’s blue swimsuit for a Bobbi Brown Cosmetics ad has sparked an intense debate online. Some find that the bustier-like bikini top highlights Kate Upton’s main assets, while others are wondering why so much skin in an ad for makeup?

kate upton bobbi brown

Kate Upton dons a blue swimsuit for the latest Bobbi Brown Cosmetics ad, and all of a sudden, women have the urge to hit the beach or a pool.

Miss Upton debuted her third advertisement with Bobbi Brown in late May for the hot new Sandy Nudes Collection. The Inquisitr says the ad capitalized on Upton’s assets. News OXY reports that the 22-year-old model joined the brand in 2014.

The collection created by by the mother of three boys, makeup artist, and brand founder Bobbi Brown, contains lots of natural tones inspired by the beach. Moreover, it is relatively easy to obtain Kate Upton’s look.

Start with Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick 4.5 Warm Natural, which comes in 18 different shades including Chestnut, Beige, Almond, Warn Sand and Porcelain, (you are certain to find the perfect color for your skin). Apply it with your finger for better and a more even result.

If need be, get the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit for the tough spots like under the eyes and on the chin. The secret to Upton’s amazing glow is Bobbi Brown Powder Bronzer & Blush Duo – Telluride/Elvis Duran, which should delicately be applied on the cheeks, close to the hairline and near the ears.

Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder – Antigua or Maui, can also be used to achieve the sun-kissed look. As for Upton’s light yet memorizing lips, Bobbi Brown Lip Color Lipstick – Nude 18 is the way to go.

For the angelic eyes, go for the Bobbi Brown “Nectar & Nude” Eyeshadow Palette, which is full of “shimmering nudes, soft taupes and rich browns for a look that’s as forward as the season. The neutral hues are perfect for every skin tone, giving you a fresh, modern look.”

While many are focusing on the makeup, Upton is wearing, others are debating her swimsuit, which is viewed either as sexy or too skimpy. One commentator slammed Kate Upton by saying:

“Ewe….her body is awful. She has a gooey looking abdomen, no butt and long shapeless legs. Her boobs is all that she has that men like. Compare her body to a real body….Jennifer Lopez….Beyoncé…..I’ll bet you will never see her compete or even be in any shoots with those women with real bodies. People are just hyping her up because of her family name. Her body is worst than mine. Please.”

While another praised her:

“Wow leave it to the women to hate on their own and then they wonder why Feminism isn’t as strong as it should be. This is an ad for a swimwear campaign, “Kim” so why would she put clothes on? And Tee…you’re sad. Typical woman upset with her own body image that she has to lash out at others. #hatersgonnahate
I think she’s a lovely girl and doing what she’s paid for, modeling. She’s not involved in dirty scandals and is all natural so score one for USA, finally.”

Beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder.

What are your thoughts on Kate Upton’s Bobbi Brown Cosmetics ad?

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