Kate Gosselin Drama: Star Of ‘Kate Plus 8’ Will Not Start Drama On ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

December 2, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

Kate Gosselin and drama often go together, but the star of Jon & Kate Plus 8 is hoping to keep a low profile when she joins NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday, January 4, 2015.

Kate Gosselin Drama

Kate Gosselin will try her best to stay away from drama on Celebrity Apprentice 7. Gosselin wants her appearance on the competitive reality series to be positive and constructive.

The season 14 of Donald Trump‘s show will include contestants like Brandi Glanville and Kenya Moore, who are well known for generating drama and controversy.

The program will also offer a bigger platform to Kevin Jonas, Lorenzo Lamas, Terrell Owens, Geraldo Rivera, Vivica A. Fox and Ian Ziering. These are celebrities who have seen their media profile decline a bit in recent years.

At age 39, Gosselin is not intimidated by the challenge and the idea of competing against these famous faces. Instead, she feels that Celebrity Apprentice is her natural element. Few weeks ago, during a promo stop for the series, she told Us Weekly:

“I feel really in my element taking on something like this.”

Kate Gosselin also explained why she thinks Trump made the right call by picking her for this new season. The mother of 8 stated:

“I have a business-running personality. I work for myself. I’m the secretary, the personal assistant, the president, the accountant…and I run my ship at home as efficiently as possible.I’m willing and excited to learn whatever I can.”

Gosselin knows that at some point, there will be some tension with other participants, but she says if there’s drama it will not start with her. She concluded:

“I am a strong personality. But I think what definitely will come out here is that I’m not a pot stirrer, I’m definitely not a drama-starter. Drama gets in the way of getting work done…And, you know, that’s probably going to be surprising to a lot of people. Clearly there’s a lot of drama in my life caused by others, but I’m in the business —instead of stirring it — of calming it down and putting on the lid.”

Here is a Gosselin chat with Teen Kids News reporters Hannah and Cailin Loesch about the charity that she will represent on The Celebrity Apprentice 7.

What are your thoughts on this new drama-free Kate Gosselin? Do you think she will clash with Brandi Glanville? Will you watch this new season?


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