Katarina Sreckovic Fired? Serbia Woman Almost Fired For Being Too Hot

November 10, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Katarina Sreckovic fired for being too hot? Not exactly. When Sreckovic learned that her beauty was threatening her job as a sideline reporter for the Red Star Belgrade soccer team, she took action and kept her post.

Katarina Sreckovic Bikini

Katarina Sreckovic almost fired for being too attractive, and; now, an internet celebrity. Recently, Sreckovic landed her dream job, but the whole thing almost turned into a nightmare.

Sreckovic was picked to be the reporter for Serbia’s Red Star Belgrade soccer team. But just weeks after she landed the gig, the TV reporter learned that the club’s owners were planning to have her fired.

Miss Katarina Sreckovic was told that she was too beautiful and prevented the players from concentrating on the field. Her bosses were also not thrilled by the fact that players failed to take her seriously during post-game interviews.

25-year-old Katarina Sreckovic, who speaks Mandarin said that she decided to take action to keep her post, she shared:

“I admit it was a problem at the start, but I think they’ve got used to me now. It was tough, though, because for a while it seemed as if they might not be able to work with me at all.”

Sreckovic, who loves to cook and has a degree in literature, added:

“I admit it was a problem at the start, but I think they’ve got used to me now. It was tough, though, because for a while it seemed as if they might not be able to work with me at all.”

She further explained:

“I was also asked to go away a couple of times because I was a distraction on the pitch and players complained that they couldn’t concentrate.”

After making some changes and getting tough with the soccer players, she was able to keep her employment, she concluded.

“I am really happy, because I am also a huge fan of Red Star and this is my dream job.”

In the past, Sreckovic dated a junior player, but now she is with a huge Red Star fan. The young woman has developed an interesting following on social media, that she feeds pictures and updates on a regular basis.

The “Katarina Sreckovic fired” viral story is the best news emerging from the team in a very long time. The Red Star players were great back in the days.

In 1991, they beat legendary French team, Olympique de Marseille, to go home with the European Champion Clubs’ Cup title.

These days, the UEFA has banned the Red Star Belgrade from this season’s Champions League for not paying its $70 million debt.

The UEFA said in a statement back in June:

“Red Star Belgrade was judged in breach of a number of provisions of the UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play regulations.An investigation against the Football Association of Serbia (FSS) might be opened within the coming days by the chief investigator for alleged breaches of the club licensing regulations.”

Do you think Katarina Sreckovic is so hot that she should have been fired?


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  1. Mary M says:

    If she’s too pretty to be a reporter, make her an ANCHOR…! Your ratings will soar!

  2. gary goodgion says:

    She’s not that hot

  3. Didd M. says:

    As if pretty people don’t have enough advantages already. Now we are supposed to feel sorry for them?

  4. Jon111 says:

    Sounds like a group of consummate professionals on that team, really focused on their sport…. gimme a break, grow up

  5. Wowee says:

    Obviously she is hot. But you can never be too hot, unless it’s summer of course. Temperatures do go up high around that time of the year.

  6. todd says:

    she is smoken hot!! id like to date her

  7. Bonnie says:

    She has a rocking body I will give her that.

  8. Ron says:

    ESPN needs to hire her to rival Sara Walsh

  9. Champion2211 says:

    She is very pretty and knows her job and is real smart. Being a distraction for players it might be time to get better players that can concentrate on their job also. Atta girl, keep doing what you are doing. A better job with lots of money will come your way. It is a hard world and because players can’t do their jobs because of you, maybe a real change is necessary, for them. I would love to date you also if I were 50 years younger.

  10. Harry says:

    This is a joke right? She is not that attractive at all.

  11. jondoe90 says:

    hot or not, if she was in the states there will be a lawsuit in about 10 seconds, unless she was doing a lousy job who cares how hot she looks seriously Serbia needs to grow up.

  12. Dan says:

    Hotness is not all. Can she use it? You can be hot and have nothing behind, if you know what I mean.

  13. Billyjean says:

    She is a lovely young lady, and if she likes her job, she could just keep her professional side more important/noticeable….

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