Kat Dennings Charades Champion: Actress Plays Game, Talks Josh Groban On Late-Night Shows

April 8, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Kat Dennings is a charades master and potential Hollywood Game Night contestant. Dennings appeared Monday on The Tonight Show where she took part in an epic game of charades with Jimmy Fallon, Jon Cryer, and Michael Douglas. The 28-year-old actress was no match for her competitors who were left crumbling on the floor.

Kat Dennings charades

Kat Dennings is a charades master and perfect contestant for NBC’s Hollywood Game Night. This week, Dennings was a guest on The Tonight Show where she played charades with host Jimmy Fallon, Michael Douglas, and Jon Cryer.

The game started off very well with Douglas doing a hilarious dance and his partner Cryer correctly guessing “Macarena.” Fallon was able to get the 2 Broke Girls star to guess accurately “House of Cards.”

Now, this is where the game of charades got amusing. Cryer tried very hard to get Douglas to guess the name of his movie Pretty in Pink, and things went crazy hilarious at a rapid pace.

While Douglas was able to guess the word “pretty” right, he tried and failed to find the rest of the title. Dennings then did few silly moves with her legs and Fallon yelled “pants” and eventually figured what it was

Douglas and Fallon gave clues to their partners, but ultimately Dennings won with “Of Mice and Men.” Dennings was so impressive at charades that many are hoping to see her on Hollywood Game Night.

After playing charades, Dennings sat down with Fallon who told her: “We love the show 2 Broke Girls!” Dennings said “thank you” and went on to add:

“I was a big comedy nerd as a child. I loved Steve Martin. I also loved Monty Python. I’m glad I didn’t wind up in some childhood institution because I did a lot of weird stuff like plug a phone in belly button.”

Dennings revealed to Fallon that when she is on vacation, she spends hours on the Internet. She once read that coffee could be used as hair dye, so she poured some on her head, and immediately felt a caffeine rush. However, the color of her hair remained the same.

Kat Dennings was a guest Tuesday on Late Night with Seth Meyers, this time; she talked about her boyfriend of six months, Josh Groban. Here is what she had to say about the music star:

“I am dating Josh Groban! I am very excited about it! He was here in New York and we had a lovely week together where we hung out. We went and saw some plays. That was fun. We slept late. We ate a lot of food. We cooked some food. We played some video games – normal people things. It was great! And he’s in Denmark now about to sing for the queen and I’m with you.”

Dennings’ hit show was recently renewed for a fifth season.

What are your thoughts on Kat Dennings charades skills? Do you watch 2 Broke Girls? What are your thoughts on Dennings dating Groban?


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