Kanye Style: ‘Kim Dirt’ Adds To West & Kardashian’s “Weird” Reputation, According To Critics (Pics)

July 12, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Kanye West decided to style Kim Kardashian in a bodysuit and have her roll in the dirt for a bizarre photo spread for System Magazine. In the pictures that will appear in a special booklet, fashion expert Kanye West also had the brilliant idea to have Kim Kardashian lay in dry grass and stand next to an old tractor in a fur coat.

kanye style kim dirt

For Kanye, the perfect fashion shoot requires him to style Kim in a bodysuit and ask her to play in the dirt, needless to say, the rapper was slammed for the strange concept.

Earlier this week, System Magazine took upon themselves to release their collaboration with business mogul Kim Kardashian and rap star Kanye West because the couple was too embarrassed by the finished product.

West, who is a burgeoning fashion designer, had the brilliant idea to style his wife in several crazy outfits for a photoshoot that took place in early spring when Kim Kardashian was bleach blonde.

Photographer Juergen Teller captured the pictures of Kardashian modeling an array of outfits at the Château d’Ambleville, a French Renaissance-style château built in the 16th century located in the Val d’Oise Department.

In one picture, the reality star is sporting a skin-tone bodysuit, a goldish/copper bra and a stunning pair of lace boots. Moreover, she played and rolled around in the dirt.

While in another, Kanye West opted to style the mother of his child in a white fur coat as she sits in the grass. West, who never ceases to amaze the world with his ideas and concepts, also had his spouse standing next to an old tractor as she gazed at the camera.

Never afraid of a scandalous pose, Kim Kardashian showed off her world-famous derriere in a last shot standing next to a fence looking at an empty field. The magazine shared the photos with the following caption:

“System magazine is proud to announce the publication of an exclusive booklet presenting a portfolio of Juergen Teller’s photographs of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, taken over the spring at the Château d’Ambleville in France.”

The company went on to reveal that the booklet would go on sale in New York on July 18.

“The booklet, entitled Kanye, Juergen and Kim, will be on sale exclusively, and for a limited period, at IDEA BOOKS, Dover Street Market London and www.system-magazine.com from July 11th 2015.”

Mrs. Kim Kardashian, who lives on social media, made sure she never posted the odd pictures on Instagram or Twitter. However, this did not stop her millions of followers from bombarding her with comments and questions regarding the spread.

Most commentators agreed that it was Kim Kardashian’s worst photoshoot ever. Others wanted to know what was Kanye West thinking to have his wife in an unflattering leotard that appears to be three sizes too small.

There were many “WFTs? Some wondered, “Why?” There were also some very mean remarks. Moreover, few even wondered why does Kanye West keep his clothes on and ask Kim Kardashian to be half-naked?

As stated above Kim Kardashian has refused to share the peculiar pics on social media, but she has been very busy sharing selfies of North, Kendall and Mason.

What are your thoughts on Kim Kardashian’s “dirt” photos?

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  1. norg says:

    Just tell hubby NO I am not doing that.

  2. Dino In Vegas says:

    Trashy. Looks like a low-budget porn. She looks huge. The only straw I saw was her hair. Kanye did not do you any favors, Kim. Let HIM pose like this. I dare him.

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