Kamarian Fox Free Haircuts: Boy With Good Grades Gets Free Haircuts For Life

November 26, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Kamarian Fox got free haircuts for life thanks to his perfect grades. Fox, a 9-year old boy from North Carolina, was challenged by his barber, Mike Shelton, to get straight-A’s in fourth grade, and he surprised even himself by delivering an amazing report card.

Kamarian Fox free haircuts

Kamarian Fox is awarded free haircuts for life after meeting a challenge set by his barber to deliver a perfect straight-A report card.

In August, Fox, of Gastonia, North Carolina met Mike Shelton, a barber from Next Level Barber Shop, who cut his hair as he was preparing to start fourth grade at Forest Heights Elementary. During the back-to-school haircut session, Fox and Shelton started talking, and the little boy revealed that he never had straight-A’s before. This admission prompted the barber to set up a challenge – excel in class, and he will get free haircuts for the rest of his life.

Earlier this week, the 9-year-old showed up with longer hair and a straight-A report card in hand and said he wanted his free haircut. Talking to local reporters, the barber said he has met many children in his shop, but there was something special about Fox. He stated:

“We had tons of kids in here, and there was just something about Kam,” said Shelton. “I could tell for his age he was super mature and he was a great dude.”

Fox confessed that he is very proud of his accomplishments, and added:

“The haircuts are great, but I’m most proud of the grades. You shouldn’t have to be rewarded to get good grades.”

Another person, who is proud of the little boy is his mother, Cameron Fox, who stated that he had always been an excellent student. Fox even managed to get into an academically and intellectually gifted program in school. The single mom of three shared:

“He’s always been above average.”

Cameron Fox told the reporter that she was moved by the fact that her son’s story went viral after she shared a picture on Facebook. The photo of the boy standing next to his mentor and barber has received thousands of likes and comments. Fox said:

“I’m just blown away at how many people from all over the world have come and wished Kamarian the best.”

The kind barber explained why he pushed Fox to be an even brighter pupil. He shared:

“You never know, you can be that spark on one young person’s life. He could be the next president. He could be the person that changes the world.”

Fox and Shelton have bonded, and he now calls him “Uncle Mike.”


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