Justin Bieber Knight Rider: Singer Justin Bieber To Voice KITT In ‘Killing Hasselhoff’ Movie

September 29, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

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A Justin Bieber Knight Rider connection has some people shaking their heads in disbelief. The 21-year-old Canadian crooner will voice Knight Rider‘s talking-car KITT in David Hasselhoff’s new movie Killing Hasselhoff.

Justin Bieber is set to replace William Daniels, 87, as the voice behind the popular talking-car KITT in David Hasselhoff’s upcoming comedy Killing Hasselhoff also starring legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan, The Hangover actor Ken Jeong, Jon Lovitz and Jim Jeffries.

KITT is from NBC’s Knight Rider series that aired from September 26, 1982, to August 8, 1986. In the show, Hasselhoff played Michael Knight, a Las Vegas police detective who solved crimes with the help of technology and a talking-car. Knight Rider marked an entire generation and was followed by numerous sequels.

Altough KITT will be featured in Killing Hasselhoff, the flick will not be a reboot of the franchise. It will focus instead on a man who lost everything and his only way out is to kill Hasselhoff. The official synopsis reads:

A man in a high stakes celebrity death pool quickly loses everything – his business, his bank account, his home, his fiancée. He snaps, then realizes the only way to get his life back on track. He’ll have to murder his own celebrity. He’ll have to kill Hasselhoff.

The director of 2005’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Darren Grant is behind the camera and filming started last week. How did the “Baby” crooner land in this project? Apparently, he is quite close to the 62-year-old Baywatch actor. Hasselhoff explained:

“He called me and asked me for a favor. I called him back and said, ‘As a friend, could you do me a favor.’ And he said, ‘Yes.’ And you know what? I did his favor first because I love the Bieb. I think he’s a cool kid, and he gets a bad rap. He’s a good guy, and I like his music. I’ve known him for five years, since the European Music Awards. I called him and said, ‘Would you do me a favor?’ And he said, ‘Yes.’”

Bieber has recently been trying to get back to his craft after months of negative press over his different run-ins with the law. Bieber who spent few days vacationing in Saint-Martin with girlfriend Selena Gomez said that he is ready to put the focus on his music.

Fans of the original series are not happy about the Justin Bieber Knight Rider association, they say he will ruin their childhood memories. Supporters of The Bieb can not wait to see the final result.


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