Justin Bieber’s Adult Coloring Book & Post Malone’s ‘Joke’ Dominate Social Media

April 14, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Justin Bieber and Post Malone are okay, despite the strange pictures flying on the Internet. After a photo of Malone apparently choking Bieber surfaced online, both stars took to social media to explain that they were just goofing around.

Justin Bieber Chokes Post Malone pic

Are Post Malone and Justin Bieber really at each other’s throats? The answer is clearly no.

Just moments ago, Bieber took to Instagram to reassure his fans that all is well between him and Malone. The “Sorry” singer shared a picture of himself with his hand around Malone’s throat and captioned it “Backstreets back.”

The day before many were worried after a photo of Malone choking the pop singer at a club in Houston, Texas hit the Web. Supporters of the singer and rapper wanted to know, what in the heck was going on?

Rapidly, Malone cleared the air by saying that after performing on the “Purpose Tour” they were at Che nightclub having a good time, and he was just kidding around. He shared:

“i love Justin y’all tripping lol. He’s my big brother and we like to rough house. if we was fighting someone would have done something instead of just sit around while the beibs gets chokeslammed [crying laughing emojis]. end of story i love jus more than life [heart emoji].”

While the pair claimed it was all a joke, it is believed that Malone was choking Bieber in retaliation of him burning his arm with a cigarette just moments prior.

Bieber is also making headlines for posting an image from an adult coloring book, which he captioned:

“Its dope Cuz I actually sat down for 30 min and finished I never can sit still for that long so it’s an accomplishment.”

What are your thoughts on this Bieber joke?


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A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on


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