Julianne Hough Wardrobe Malfunction: Boyfriend Brooks Laich Helps ‘Safe Haven’ Actress Through Embarrassing Moment While Leaving ‘DWTS’ Party

May 25, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Julianne Hough’s wardrobe “oops” photos have gone viral, and some of her male and female fans are smiling. While leaving an after-party put together for the cast and crew of Dancing With The Stars, Julianne, who appeared drunk, suffered a major wardrobe malfunction, and she flashed her breast. Hough’s dress, which contained sheer cut-outs, shifted on the wrong side.

hough wardrobe oops

The latest Julianne Hough wardrobe malfunction has the Web buzzing. Tuesday night, many celebrities attended a lavish party to celebrate the wrap-up of Dancing With the Stars Season 20, which was won by Rumer Willis.

Judge and former professional dancer-turned-actress Julianne Hough, her brother, Derek Hough, and her boyfriend, Brooks Laich, were all present at the gathering at Beso in Hollywood, California.

Paparazzi captured some rather embarrassing pictures of Hough as she left the star-studded party with Laich. Hough, who was wearing a blue harlequin-style dress, looked drunk and stumbled a few times as she made her way to the car.

By the looks of things, if Laich was not there holding Hough, she would have fallen. While Laich made it possible for his lady to keep her balance, he was not able to prevent her from having a wardrobe malfunction.

As Hough was zig-zagging in front of the restaurant, the sheer panels of her dress shifted too much to the right, and, therefore, exposed her breast. Unaware of the incident, Hough never fixed the dress and kept walking to her vehicle.

What are your thoughts on Julianne Hough’s wardrobe oops?

Prior to the wardrobe disaster, Hough shared a lengthy post on her blog about accepting one’s body and loving it as it is. She wrote:

“I want girls to know they have the power within them to be happy and to feel great. That’s what those challenges are. It’s not to show how great you are; it’s more to get that feeling of, ‘Oh, this feels so good—to be happy!’ I just want everybody to be happy. This sounds like rainbows and butterflies right now. But that’s the gift I want to give with the gift I’ve been given.”

Hough went on to write about her own insecurities despite having a fabulous figure. She added:

“I still have not mastered feeling 100 percent confident in my body. I still have days where I look in the mirror and say, ‘Thanks, Grandma, for giving me my thighs!’ But at the same time, it’s all in your head. If you love your body, then your body is going to love you back. When you see yourself, you can sit there and pick pictures apart all day long. My boyfriend tells me all the time, ‘Why is that whenever you take a picture and look at you, you want to take another one? Can’t you just be happy with the actual picture where we’re together?’ I’ve now had to coach myself to look at a picture and not say, ‘Do I look good in it?’ but ‘That’s a great picture, overall.'”

Julianne Hough remains a class act, no matter what happens.


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  1. Buddy says:

    Julianne Hough gets a 10 from me.I would give my right — to meet her.

  2. dean chambers says:

    pretty girl with nice figure–grow up — it’s just a boob.

  3. Judith says:

    Maybe if the woman of who make up the world of entertainment did not dress like sluts, these things would not happen.

    • Kateq says:

      So very true!

    • cc says:

      I agree. Although Julianne is a beautiful woman, her arrogance and provocative wardrobe completely diminishes her beauty. I always enjoyed watching her as a dancer, As a judge I can barely stand her. She comes off as a ditzy blonde who has nothing to offer but a provocative wardrobe that barely covers her dwarf breast. Really Julianne, with so much to offer, ditch the stupid act and develop some class.

  4. walt says:

    She did it on purpose just looking for a sugar daddy to make up for lack of brains and smarts to anything else. White trash

  5. captain ern says:

    I’ve had enough of hough

  6. kay says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that his shirt is buttoned wrong, and everyone is focusing on her????

  7. G. Drury says:

    I agree with “captain ern.” I, too, have had “enough of Hough.” At least Derek seems to be pretty grown up and acts it, but Julianne is something else. Why do they post her as an actress? She is anything but and needs to go back to dancing where she belongs.

  8. whatha says:

    God I wish I had her body!

  9. Carlton West says:

    Julianne Hough always looks fit, fresh and lovely.

  10. Marza says:

    Yes, she is very fit. I bet, she is very flexible.

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