Julia Wadsworth Disbarred Lawyer: Mystery Lawyer Destroyed Her Fingerprints

August 10, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

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Julia Wadsworth, the mystery woman who has been jailed in Ohio since July 9, has been identified as a disbarred lawyer from Virginia named Ann Marie Miller.

In July, Ohio police arrested a woman who was trying to get an Ohio identification card under the name Julia Wadsworth, using a forged birth certificate. At first, it looked like a simple case, but there is nothing simple about this story.

When law enforcement officers tried to get her fingerprints, they made a very shocking discovery, her fingertips had been removed. The officers had to hold the woman to get a DNA sample and she resisted as much as she could. This method of identification takes longer to process, up to two months in some cases.

Since the mystery woman, was not yet unidentified, she appeared in court on Tuesday as Jane Doe. The story made news locally and landed in Florida, where someone was able to identify her as 40-year-old Ann Marie Miller. The person called Allen County Sheriff’s Office, that still has not verified all the information it received.

Although another twist is still possible, law enforcement officers now believe the is a big possibility that Julia Wadsworth and Ann Marie Miller are the same person. Her lawyer has confirmed her identity and she is pleading not guilty to a tampering charge in Ohio.

Miller was an attorney in the state of Virginia, where she got disbarred in 2009, for falsifying documents and mishandling funds among other things. Before losing her career, Miller was involved in a love triangle with her then-partner Jeffrey Kessler and the woman who later became his wife. After her disbarment, Miller moved to Colorado.

Authorities suspect that Miller may have been involved in illegal activities in states like Florida and Colorado. Some people who have met the former lawyer in the past, have come forward to say that they are not surprised by the turn of events. They always questioned her mental state and they now hope that she will use this opportunity to get proper counsel. It is also believed that while in Colorado, she gave birth to a child.

More information is expected to come out in the upcoming days, about disbarred lawyer Ann Marie Miller trying to get a legal document under the name Julia Wadsworth in Ohio and all the drama that ensued.


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