Jordan Coombs Pot Lawsuit: Colorado Man Sues For Pot OD

August 9, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Jordan Coombs Pot

Jordan Coombs pot lawsuit against LivWell is making headlines. Coombs who was given pot laced candy without his knowledge by LivWell is suing the company. Coombs claims that while visiting the Denver County Fair’s pot pavilion, the vendor lied to him and gave him candy bars that contained marijuana that made him very ill.

Jordan Coombs has filed a lawsuit against LivWell, a Colorado company that specializes in pot edibles.

The man said in the court documents that he toured the Denver County Fair on August 3rd, with his family and took a pack of Full Melt candy bars that were being handed out by LivWell.

Coombs who was fully aware that chocolate was being given by a vendor at the fair’s pot pavilion, made sure to ask several times if the candy was cannabis free.

The vendor reassured him that there was no pot in the sweets so he ate them. Moments later Mr Coombs felt very ill and started vomiting and hallucinating.

The man stated that he became briefly blind and felt like he was having a heart attack.

His wife drove him to a nearby hospital, where doctors revealed that he was overdosing on THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol is the main chemical substance found in cannabis plants.)

The lawyer representing Coombs, Corey T. Zurbuch has filed a class action lawsuit against the company saying that they should pay his client and any other person who comes forward a reasonable amount of money for their pain and injuries.

Zurbuch is hoping to represent Kari Mitchell and Richard Jones who also attended the fair and said they were given chocolate/marijuana, which they consumed, fell sick and needed to be hospitalized.

Both Mitchell and Jones stated that the vendor lied to them by saying the products contained no drugs.

The company, which has paid the medical bills of the three people who accidentally consumed their snacks, has issued a statement saying that they are investigating the matter.


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  1. armando ramos says:

    HIP TO BE HEMP LLC….offers QA system implementation to prevent this kind of thing. Look us up at HIP TO HEMP .COM

  2. JW Burriss says:

    You Can’t Overdose on Weed. This guy is probably one of the people that just don’t think MJ is a good thing and they will try any infantile measure to cause trouble.

    • Rexford L says:

      to say you can’t overdose on the ingredients in Marijuana is utterly stupid, since you CAN overdose and die from drinking too much water, and that’s quite a bit less harmful than THC.

      The estimated lethal dose of intravenous dronabinol (synthetic cannabis) in humans is 30 mg/kg, meaning lethality is unlikely, but possible.

  3. Ed Ludlow says:

    Jordan Coombs is a person just looking for a fast buck at someone elses expense. Come on, the chocolate had marijuana emblem stamped right on it. Jordan..grow up dude and quit trying to scam people

    • Rexford L says:

      if the manufacturer of the chocolate says that there isn’t THC in it, yet there is, you can sue them for lying about their product. (this is why they covered the medical bills for 3 different patients, because they were guilty of lying about what was in the products.) If you really want to get involved, you could get the FDA involved, since the ingredients would have to be published for the products that were consumed, and since Cannabis is illegal they would most likely be seeing some substantial prison time for poisoning people.

  4. CJ says:

    Overdose? Crap reporting or crap diagnosis by biased reporters/doctors. The truth though is that people who have never smoked and are given the drug without their knowledge will freik the F out, especially if it is high quality. Paranoia anyone? If given without the consumer’s knowledge, that’s BS and the company should pay. But Overdose? Really? The guy had an anxiety attack and then probably spent a butt ton of money on cheeseburgers. The only OD here is in propaganda and money spent on fast food…

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