Jordan Britten Found Dead: College Student Found Dead In South Padre Island, Disappeared After Spring Break Concert

March 28, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Jordan Britten found dead after disappearing almost three days; a community is now mourning. It is believed that Jordan Britten, 20, who might have been doing drugs, vanished after attending the Ultimate Music Experience concert at Schlitterbahn near Texas.

jordan britten found dead

Jordan Britten found dead 3 days after he disappeared and some say drugs were involved. On March 20th, Jordan Britten and few of his friends, who were all on spring break from Central Texas College, headed to South Padre Island to attend the Ultimate Music Experience concert at Schlitterbahn Beach Resort.

On the 23rd, when the pals returned to Killeen, Texas, they realized that Britten was nowhere to be found, so they contacted his mother, Ilana Britten, who immediately called the police and filed a missing person report.

The following day, police were able to locate Britten’s abandoned silver Mazda 6 on the island. Inside of the vehicle was a great amount of drugs, including ecstasy and marijuana.

On the 26th, using a helicopter, one rescue boat and ground patrols, searchers discovered Jordan Britten’s dead body hidden among the reeds and cattails of the marsh. The young man was only wearing boxer shorts.

Police Chief Randy Smith said that he is not ruling out foul play and added:

“It would be premature to say that there wasn’t any foul play.But then again, there’s absolutely nothing to lead us to believe that there is.”

According to the authorities, Britten last contacted his family on Saturday with a brief phone call and a text message. It is not known what Jordan Britten told the people he last spoke to. The police have interrogated the two pals who left Britten behind.

It is being claimed that Britten wandered into the bushes after getting high and got lost. But South Padre Island city spokesman Adrian Rodriguez does not agree with that theory. Rodriguez said in a statement:

“A healthy 20-year-old doesn’t just wander off into the marsh and die, so we are investigating all possibilities.”

Rodriguez said at this moment the cause of Jordan Britten’s death is uncertain, pending the results of autopsy and toxicology reports. Friends have stated that for an unknown reason, security blocked the college student from reentering the concert venue, and he may have been looking for a way to get back in when something went terribly wrong.

Jordan Britten was found dead less than a mile from where he was last seen by friends having fun in the concert. Family and friends say Britten was studying aviation at Central Texas College and worked as a server at the Killeen Olive Garden. The day her son went missing, Ilana Britten told a local media outlet:

“He’s just a good kid, you know. He works hard and gets good grades. He’s personable. People like him. He’s just a normal kid.”

She had also launched the Help Find Jordan Britten Facebook page, where more than 9k people came to show support. Missing college student Jordan Britten was found dead after a spring break disappearance, family and friends are now looking for answers.

What happened to this young man full of potential?


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